Monday, 31 December 2012

Well here we are almost into 2013..

I don't do New Year's resolutions, but because I don't like housework, I have this thing where I like to start every new year with a clean kitchen and bathroom and no ironing pile, in the hope that it'll be like that for the rest of the year.   It doesn't always work of course but it's nice while it lasts.  The kitchen and bathroom's clean, I'm just off to start on the ironing!

I'd like to wish you all, good health and happiness for 2013, and may all your leaden skies be lit by sunshine and rainbows

(although I investigated the end of that rainbow, and there was no pot of gold!)

Monday, 17 December 2012

Ostrich feather field

This last week we've had a whole variety of weather, from fog, sunshine, rain and frost.  
The frost on the long grass in this field makes it look like the horses are standing in ostrich feathers

Here's a few other things with a frosty coating

My walk was slowed down though, because whenever I see a puddle frozen like this

I've just got to break the ice

Of course sometimes I stamp on one that looks like it's going to be hollow but turns out to have muddy water underneath!

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Putting on the glitz

The choir that I'm in gave a concert last night and the dress code was black and glitzy.  As I was on the back row I needed something that would show up on my top half.  Originally I was going to wear black trousers and a top, but when I tried it on I realised the glittery part was at the bottom and wouldn't be seen.
Rather than go out and buy something especially, I adapted this black dress that I already had

I had a bit of black sheer fabric (I think it's organdy) with silver spots on that I made some gathered sleeves with, and added a brooch with a couple of layers of the spotty fabric behind.

I only tacked the sleeves in so that I can easily take them off again - in fact I already have because we're singing at another event this week and the dress code for that is black and red!