Saturday, 31 May 2014

May 2014 Photo Scavenger Hunt

For once I wasn't racking my brain this month trying to think what I could photograph, and ended up with quite a few to choose from, which I think is a first!

L is for?
LINE of sunbeds on the horizon, and a LIGHTHOUSE, in Jandia

Going up the church spiral staircase to bell ringing practice (well it's  actually looking back down because it was a better picture)

Footprints left on the beach.  This was taken when the sun was getting low, and I love how it makes the footprints look raised up (it'll look better if you click on it)

This is a very simple gadget that my Mum used for grading the eggs that she sold when I was growing up.  You put the egg on the balance and if one peg was lifted up it was small, two - medium, and all three - large.  Simples


'W' on the top of this building

I was out walking when I saw something dark land on my glasses. When I took them off  I was surprised to see this brown ladybird with white spots.  I'd never seen one before.   I wanted to show this somewhere, so I've squeezed it into this category because there is some reflection on the lens!

There was an exhibition of paintings in the art gallery at Scunthorpe and local flower arrangers had been asked to interpret the paintings in a flower arrangement.  These are two of them

The individual flowers on this Elder flower

A four leaved clover hidden among the three leaved ones

Our old house being demolished.  (This is one from the archives)

The organ in St Nicholas church, Haxey.  Well I'm presuming it's antique, but if it isn't then the building must be; if buildings are ever classed as antiques that is!

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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Blank canvas

Take a pair of plain canvas pumps,

Some patterned cotton fabric

and ring the changes

I saw the idea in Prima magazine and they are so easy to make.
Measure the length of the original laces and add 2cm.  Cut out fabric this length by 4cm.  Press under 1cm on all edges, press in half lengthways and stitch round the edge.

I find it hard to press under a small amount like 1 cm on a long edge so I just press in half first then fold the outer edges into the middle and pin before sewing.  I also always have trouble stitching a short edge at the start because they bunch up under my pressure foot, so I sewed the laces starting somewhere on a long edge finishing at the short end then turning it round and sewing from the same place again to the other end.

When I'd finished all three pairs and saw them together, it took me right back to my childhood

Nothing to do with laces, it was the colours.
When I was a kid I loved rings and built up quite a collection.  Mainly out of lucky bags, but the corner shop had a selection of kid's rings on a tray (the ones with expanding bands).  I eventually got three of the same ring in different colours.  They had a large coloured 'pearl' in the centre - in pink, lilac and blue, just like the laces.    I thought I was the bees knees wearing them!

Sunday, 25 May 2014


If you saw that title and started singing Madonna's 'Holiday' then you're a woman (or man) after my own heart (and now you won't get it out of your head!).

I've been on holiday for a week to Jandia in Fuerteventura.  
Lazing by the pool

 Walking along the gorgeous beach

There were some friendly ground squirrels

It would have been too hot for me but there was a lovely breeze which was very welcome.
I could never live somewhere so hot (and I'm talking about 27/30 degrees which some of you will think is just warm!), from the airport to the hotel the landscape was very barren.  These photos were from the coach

This is the welcome sight of the English countryside from the aeroplane window when we came home.

Oh how I love our lush greenery!

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

It's a cover up

This dress cost me £1 from a charity shop.   I love how the body part is stretchy and ruched, so it's figure hugging but is also very forgiving, then it flips out at the bottom giving great movement for my Modern Jive.   The only problem was, that it had narrow straps which showed too much of my skin for my liking - (you'll have to imagine that because I forgot to take a before pic)  so I fashioned some floaty sleeves out of a bit of sheer black fabric I had, and voila!

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

April 2014 Photo Scavenger Hunt

I'm so sorry it's been such a long time since my last post, but I've had all sorts of problems with my computer and blogger.  Hopefully back to normal now and I'm joining in again with Made with Love's photo scavenger hunt (although a little late for April).  I'm not risking changing the size of the photos so please click on them to enlarge

A is for?

Alarmed!  I don't know who is more alarmed; the statue or the bird

11 am
I've been away to Barcelona for a few days with my daughter and at 11 am on the first morning we took a walking tour of the city.  


The roof of this house that Gaudi designed in Barcelona is supposedly a dragon's back covered in scales

Gaudi used lots of broken tiles in his work





Our two trusty egg layers, Olive and Bree, scratching about on the compost heap



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