Saturday, 31 May 2014

May 2014 Photo Scavenger Hunt

For once I wasn't racking my brain this month trying to think what I could photograph, and ended up with quite a few to choose from, which I think is a first!

L is for?
LINE of sunbeds on the horizon, and a LIGHTHOUSE, in Jandia

Going up the church spiral staircase to bell ringing practice (well it's  actually looking back down because it was a better picture)

Footprints left on the beach.  This was taken when the sun was getting low, and I love how it makes the footprints look raised up (it'll look better if you click on it)

This is a very simple gadget that my Mum used for grading the eggs that she sold when I was growing up.  You put the egg on the balance and if one peg was lifted up it was small, two - medium, and all three - large.  Simples


'W' on the top of this building

I was out walking when I saw something dark land on my glasses. When I took them off  I was surprised to see this brown ladybird with white spots.  I'd never seen one before.   I wanted to show this somewhere, so I've squeezed it into this category because there is some reflection on the lens!

There was an exhibition of paintings in the art gallery at Scunthorpe and local flower arrangers had been asked to interpret the paintings in a flower arrangement.  These are two of them

The individual flowers on this Elder flower

A four leaved clover hidden among the three leaved ones

Our old house being demolished.  (This is one from the archives)

The organ in St Nicholas church, Haxey.  Well I'm presuming it's antique, but if it isn't then the building must be; if buildings are ever classed as antiques that is!

Other interpretations for this month's photos can be seen at Made With Love 


  1. Thanks for taking part in this months scavenger hunt. I really like your photos of hidden, letter and gadget. Greenthumb

  2. Really enjoyed your story about the gadget. Love your interpretations this month and particular favourites are L, 7pm and those fabulous footprints. X

  3. Great collection! I love your four leaf clover - I've been looking for one since I was very small and have never found one yet! I think your ladybird is a cream-spot.

  4. I love the photo with the footprints on the beach and the gadget is great, too. I am intrigued by your bell ringing practice. x

  5. Fabulous photos and I love those footprints left on the beach. x

  6. Cool photos. The gadget one is really interesting and the footprint one is lovely.

  7. Snap! My favourite is the footprints in the sand as well.

  8. Brilliant pictures. I've very taken with the egg grading machine. I can just see your Mum popping those eggs one after the other on it.

  9. A 4-leaf clover??? Wow!!! Your bell ringing tower shot is fab as is the tower!!!! X

  10. Left is fantastic. Great photos.

  11. FAntastic photo's. 7pm and Left are superb. You could have used the ladybirds for Tiny too.

  12. Well done, LBM! I was intrigued by your gadget ~ so cool. And the footprints on the sand were awesome! Bell ringing practice! Wow! Ringing church bells is something I'd love to try! Those stairs were crazy! Have a good one!

  13. Oh that gadget is fab, and I really love the footprint picture.

  14. Fantastic photos :) Love your gadget and Left.

  15. Your left photo is so clever and I love how the footprints look raised.

  16. What camera do you use? Do you use any special lens? I've never seen the egg gadget before. It's so quaint.

  17. The footprints were awesome. You really captured some great shots!