Tuesday, 30 September 2014

September 2014 Photo Scavenger Hunt

Thanks to Greenthumb for organising the photo scavenger hunt again this month.  You can see more entries over at Made With Love.

S is for?
Sculptured Stump at Buxton

2 pm
Sheep encountered while out walking

Car Park

I hadn't got a photo for this, and then I saw this tin 'hat' on my husband's scrap pile

In the mirror
I thought there was a large snail in the corner of the car wing mirror and was going to pull it off when I noticed it had legs!    Can you imagine if I had touched it and then found out it was a massive spider?   No matter where in the world you are, you would have heard my screams!  
Here it is after I'd coaxed it out with a very long twig....





Street sign

A pheasant

Outside your window
through my car window

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Going ape

At the beginning of the week I went to Go Ape at Buxton with my daughter.  For anyone who hasn't heard of it, it's a tree top adventure where you cross from tree to tree by different methods, go down zip wires and swing into cargo nets.   We've been to the one at Sherwood Forest before, so knew what to expect, although all the courses around the country are different.   
You're kitted out with a harness and have a full safety briefing before you're sent off on your own.

Here's my daughter on a few of the crossings

This stirrups one was slow going because with them being on long ropes, as soon as you put your foot in one it sent it away and you did the splits!  It was very tiring trying to hold the ropes as close to your body as possible to minimise that, although you got the knack eventually.

Some of them like this next one, you're supposed to do without holding on to anything, which is pretty scary because they wobble about quite a bit

I managed to land on my feet at the end of all the zip wires, except the last one where I came in backwards and got pockets full of bark chippings!

I can highly recommend it, and the one at Buxton is only a 20 minute walk from the train station so very handy.

Monday, 1 September 2014

August 2014 Photo Scavenger Hunt

I found this month's list really difficult and have ended up taking the last five this morning!

W is for?
Well Worn Wall

Train arriving at New Mills station

I looked at this so many times on the list, and each time I started singing - "Everyday it's a getting closer, going faster than a rollercoaster", that all I could think of for this was rollercoaster!  Unfortunately I didn't come across one, so I've resorted to taking a pic of an old LP with Buddy Holly on (he's not actually singing that song on it, but hey ho)



This is an action shot of a juggling ball.  You wouldn't believe how many photos I took with no ball in the picture at all!

I've been on loads of trains this month so I though this would be an easy one.   Not so, and my last opportunity yesterday was on a train where all the seats were facing the luggage rack.   This was taken as I was getting off, with my camera held by my side so no one would notice!   Not bad under the circumstances...

Pony under the rider

On your shelf

Something you do everyday


On a craft stall in London

You can see other interpretations of this month's list over at Made With Love

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Edinburgh Fringe

At the beginning of the week I went to Edinburgh with my daughter for the Fringe Festival.
We were just going to go for the day, but a comedian that she wanted to see was on too late in the day for us to catch the last train home.  As we were only planning this a couple of days beforehand I thought that there was no way we would find any accommodation in a city that would be heaving with visitors, but by a stroke of luck my brother was staying with us for the weekend and he has friends in Edinburgh.  A couple of phone calls later and we were all fixed up!

Although there's all kinds of performances at the Fringe - theatre, comedy, music and dance; it was comedy we were after. 
There are so many acts to choose from (The Royal Mile is littered with people giving out flyers), some free and some paid for; and in some very unusual places.
In this place 
we were led up very narrow, darkly lit staircases, through small doors, and more staircases until we reached the venue which was called The Cave.  I forget what the act was called but I'm glad it only cost £2.50 because it didn't live up to my expectations.  The comedienne herself had given us the flyer in the street and was talking to us for quite a while in her lovely West Country accent that had me smiling all the while.  Sadly the act didn't raise any more than a smile.

This small stage on the other hand was where we saw a two man improv group (is two a group?) who were very funny.

We booked in advance for Paul Foot so as not to miss him.  I must admit that although I recognised his picture I didn't recall ever seeing him on TV.
My daughter wanted us to sit on the front row (always a no no in my book, at comedy shows).  I asked her if he was the kind of comedian who would pick on people in the audience and she said she didn't think he did.  (Turns out she'd only ever seen him in panel shows like 8 Out of 10 Cats and Never mind the Buzzcocks, and you don't see the audience in them.  Apart from that time in Buzzcocks when Preston from The Ordinary Boys walked off in a huff and they replaced him with someone from the audience).  
Anyway there's something about him that had me in stitches from the very start, which I think is why he came straight over to me, with his nose touching mine!  Luckily I was laughing so much I didn't have time to be embarrassed.   It was a real good laugh.

We had such a good time and saw lots of funny acts, as well as a couple of duds - in one, apart from a few titters, the biggest laugh was raised by a member of the audience!

Thursday, 7 August 2014

London bound

I've just come back from a few days in London with my daughter.
We briefly thought about going on the London Eye, but instead did 'Up at the O2'.  This is a guided walk up to the top of the O2 (formerly known as the Millennium Dome).  You're all harnessed up and attached to a wire on the suspended walkway, which is made out of a kind of rubber, and is quite bouncy, (I had to really resist the urge to make it bounce more than it already was!).  Several times you think you've got to the top, but then it goes further on until you reach the viewing platform.  You can detach yourself from the wire here and walk about to see the views.

This is looking at the O2 from the river (we got a boat back from there to London Bridge).

and zooming in, you can see a group of people just reaching the top.

We also went to Kew gardens 
where there'd been a bit of yarn bombing going on.

We wanted to go to the theatre while we were there and plumped for Wicked one night, and Ghost Stories the next.   Wicked was brilliant, I'd really recommend it.   I loved the costumes, and scenery, and it had some great songs.  The story was the background to the witches in Wizard of Oz and was very entertaining.

Ghost Stories on the other hand......
As someone who jumps at the slightest thing, I was expecting (and hoping) to be scared witless.   It was not to be; in fact I found myself falling asleep!  Don't go!

We went to the usual touristy places and had some great street food in Borough Market

Talking of food, I'm a dinosaur when it comes to technology but my daughter has all these apps on her phone - ones that show you exactly how to get from A to B, from what buses to catch (even showing you where the bus stop is), to tubes and maps showing where you are; ones that show you recommended eating places in the area where you are; and things to to in the same area.   All really useful and saving a lot of time compared to my way of asking directions then forgetting what was said after "turn left".  
 But guess what?   Her phone battery ran out on the first night and we managed to find a restaurant with fantastic food all by ourselves, and without having to worry how many stars it had been given by reviewers!

We finished off by going to the fabric shops in Goldhawk Road, which I'd read about but never been to.  I was amazed at how many there were - in fact my daughter got fed up half way round and went off to sunbathe in the park!

Friday, 1 August 2014

Trial run

You may remember a (long) while ago that I bought a piece of gorgeous 1950s fabric from the charity shop. It's 36" wide and there's only 1 3/4 yards, so not a lot to play with, and I've been looking for the right pattern for it ever since.  I thought something with a full skirt would suit it and I've since bought a remnant of plain blue fabric to go with.

And now I think I have the pattern - Simplicity 2444 which has been around for quite a while but had passed me by.

My idea is to do this version with the cape collar, and make the bodice and top part of the skirt in plain blue, and the collar and a band at the bottom of the skirt in the flowered fabric.

I didn't want to risk ruining my precious 1950s fabric, so I've had a trial run using an old duvet cover.   As I was really just checking for fit I didn't add the collar.

Note how I've matched up the pattern either side of the zip!

I've fully lined it using an old pink sheet

I had to make a couple of adjustments because the neck was gaping at the front and back so I've put some darts in.   Before I make the next one I'll have to find out how to alter the pattern for a better fit.
After I found this pattern I've seen lots of versions on blogs, like Alex's, Jacquie's and Char's.   
No-one else seems to have trouble with the fronts pleats in the skirt, but I found them very confusing and they've ended up very bulky, so I'll have to fix that.  
Overall though I'm very happy with it (and it's got pockets!).

So that's my trial run.  Do you think my idea for using the other fabric would look ok?   Or have you got any other suggestions for it?

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

July 2014 Photo Scavenger Hunt

Here's my collection for this month's scavenger hunt, with thanks to Greenthumb at Made With Love for organising it.

C is for?
Cycle on a Church
As you probably know, the Tour De France started over here, in Yorkshire this year.   I was in Skipton the day before the start so a few of my photos are from there.

One of our new hens (well definitely a cockerel as it turns out), likes to sit in the bob hole of an evening, surveying his empire.  It was 9pm when I took this at the beginning of the month.

These lock gates stem the flow of water from the canal basin

Well this is the afore mentioned canal basin but I'm classing it as a pool!


I like the raindrops on these Lady's Mantle leaves so much I'm giving you three pics (the last one even has an ant on it)


On the wall

on a friend's farm

In your bag
My daughter wanted to borrow a clutch bag of mine, and when I got it out,there was a ticket for a disco from 1981, a nightclub membership card from 1986 and a few aspros!

Your view of today

a shop window display in Skipton