Tuesday, 30 September 2014

September 2014 Photo Scavenger Hunt

Thanks to Greenthumb for organising the photo scavenger hunt again this month.  You can see more entries over at Made With Love.

S is for?
Sculptured Stump at Buxton

2 pm
Sheep encountered while out walking

Car Park

I hadn't got a photo for this, and then I saw this tin 'hat' on my husband's scrap pile

In the mirror
I thought there was a large snail in the corner of the car wing mirror and was going to pull it off when I noticed it had legs!    Can you imagine if I had touched it and then found out it was a massive spider?   No matter where in the world you are, you would have heard my screams!  
Here it is after I'd coaxed it out with a very long twig....





Street sign

A pheasant

Outside your window
through my car window


  1. Hi Little Blue Mouse! Your blog name makes me smile every time I see it! Great shots ~ although spiders freak me out! The tin hat made me think of helmets from one of the world wars. Maybe it's not scrap. Have a good one!

    1. I thought that about the hat too, but on closer inspection it was some sort of animal water drinker...

  2. Lovely photos. That's the nicest street sign I've ever seen, all those pretty flowers. Love your interpretations for lock and game.
    Anne xx

  3. Those are all great photos. I wondered if anyone would use those versions of Lock and Game - well done!

    That spider looks like it has more legs than it should!

  4. Very creative for Game and Lock! Being a vegetarian, my mind wouldn't have thought of Game in that way, but seeing the pheasant is really neat.

  5. Thanks for taking part in this months scavenger hunt. Your photos of S, hat,nail, garden are just great. Greenthumb

  6. Great photos though I wish everyone would stop posting pictures of spiders! The sculpture is amazing and I also love nails, game and outside your window. x

  7. Great set of photos, there are some very big spiders about at the moment, wish spiders webs were good for your skin as there is loads across our path first thing in the morning, keep getting covered..
    Amanda xx

  8. Lovely collection of photos. I like your pheasant for game - the only bird related one I've seen. I thought of it, but haven't photographed any pheasants or grouse this month!

  9. Super set of photos! The thought of you touching the spider made me all squidgy...glad you helped it escape. Terrific sculpture, good eye for the hat ;), very pretty street sign, and also loved the lamp against the blue and white sky. Very photogenic nails...you have a good eye...well other than mixing up a snail and spider, but that was probably wishful thinking ;)

  10. I'm screaming with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHRGH, that thing is HUGE!!!! So glad my wingmirror spider (how funny, we both did spiders in wingmirrors!) is tiny!!!
    The nails shot is really well done, so clear!
    The hat on the scrap was SUCH a lucky find!x

  11. Lovely pics!
    I´m enjoying my first Scavenger Hunt and visiting others participants photos. :)

  12. I want to take part in this. I have a spider living in my wing mirror as well and he replaces the web everytime I spring clean it away.