Tuesday, 2 December 2014

November 2014 Photo Scavenger Hunt

It comes round to the scavenger hunt so quickly; here we are for another month!

N is for?
Night time niches

12 pm
It was really about 3:30 when I took this, so don't believe everything!

I liked the different coloured jackets of these people on Ilkley Moor when I was there at the beginning of the month

Look back
My daughter looking back over Ilkley

Joy is
Simple things like a steely blue sky and the sunshine at the same time

Out and about
Spotting some pixie toadstools

An old family Bible



I didn't come across anything funny, so this is one from the archives of my daughter doing her impression of Cousin It

Something you found
I found this in the undergrowth while out walking, and thought it was just a head off a doll, but on closer inspection I saw that it bizarrely has feet!   I'm guessing that a dog dropped it...

Whatever you please

As usual other interpretations can be seen over on
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