Monday, 31 October 2011

October Photo Scavenger Hunt

I found this month's list really difficult, but I've just managed to get them all. 

Black cat
I was on a train when I noticed this cat up in the rafters on a station platform.

Crunchy leaves


I was really lucky with this shot because there was only one morning in the month when I saw any mist to speak of.  The sun was already breaking it up and by the time I'd got dressed and out, there were only a few patches left but I just happened upon this pheasant sat on a fence post.

I was hoping to get a photo of a real pumpkin but I only saw them in the supermarket which wasn't a good setting, and I ended up with nothing until today, when I had to resort to this, which was in our local shop's window display.  The next photo was from the same place.

Witch's Hat/Broomstick


These are the lovely old rooftops in Leeds.  The wall on the right was going to be my street art but I couldn't get a decent photo of it without buses or trees in front!

Graffiti/Street Art
In Manchester


Actually this is a land drain not a river but it's the best I could do.


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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Orange and lemons

When I showed the circular tablecloth in my last post, a few of you suggested making a skirt out of it.
It's not the style of skirt I would wear myself, so I pondered making one to sell.  The trouble with that is I would be limiting the potential purchaser by the size, so instead I've made  a pinny, well two in fact.  As you can see in this photo, on me it goes well round to the back so would also fit larger sizes.

I made this one first and thought it was a bit long, so the second one I made an inch or two shorter.  I'm going to put them in my Folksy shop tomorrow when I get better photos in the daylight.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Fabric finds and a bit of reverse applique

I came across a charity shop today that had lots of baskets full of interesting things to search through.  Sewing odds and ends, knitting patterns, buttons, placemats, magazines and pillowcases to name but a few.  I only ended up buying a few things but it made a change from the usual charity shops, and I really enjoyed the rummage!
I bought this very retro looking tablecloth
I don't know what I'm going to use it for yet, but thought it would be nice to somehow make use of the roundness of it.  Any ideas?  It's quite big at 58" diameter.

I also got these three pillowcases

and these buttons

The fabric underneath the buttons is from a duvet cover and pillowcases I bought in a charity shop last week.

And now on to a bit of sewing
I don't know why it is but tiny holes often appear in my t-shirts at the centre front near the bottom.  After extensive research into what may cause these, I've come to the conclusion that it could be the button on my jeans rubbing against the worktop and the t-shirt.  The only flaw with this is I'm no Domestic Goddess so don't spend an awful lot of time in the kitchen, although it is more than anyone else in the family and they don't have the same problem.
So I took one such garment and did a bit of reverse applique where the holes were.  One flower would have done the job but I also added another, and some leaves.
Try as I may, I couldn't get a full photo showing the correct colour, it's black not grey 

I used flower patterned fabric for the flowers.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Sweet peas, sheep and Pay-it-forward winners

It's the middle of October and I've picked my first bunch of Sweet Peas from the garden!  They were a bit slow getting going; I wonder if I'll get any more before the frosts come?

The visiting sheep we've got have eaten all the grass down in one field so needed moving to the other one.  Other years when we tried to do this it's been a right palaver trying to round them up.  We'd nicely get them together and going towards the gate, when one would decide to break free and they'd all follow and split up and we'd be running about after them like idiots!  
This year I saw the light!
I was walking back from the local shop one day through the field, and they all followed me.  They must have thought I'd got something for them to eat in the bag.  With this in mind we put some apples it a couple of buckets and rattled them and 'Hey presto!' they came running.  Easy peasy

and the three the Pay-it-forward gift winners are.................

Daisie Days

The Patchwork Heart
Mom and Daughter-Crafters-Extraordinaire

I'm working on your gifts right now.

Friday, 7 October 2011


I love it here in Blogland; only a few weeks ago I put my name down for a pay-it-forward over at KarensKrafts and yesterday I received a wonderful parcel.
Karen had a whole year to fulfill her promise but made these fantastic things for me straight away.
A gorgeous bag, all lovely and quilted, decorated with a crocheted flower which has a brooch back so can be put on anything.  She also included a lovely hand made tissue holder.

So the rules of the pay-it-forward are, that I need to find three bloggers who would like a handmade gift from me and who are prepared to do the same, and I have 365 days in which to do it.
If that appeals to you just leave a comment on this post telling me your favourite colours.   The closing date will be 16th October and if more than three people are interested, names will be drawn from a hat.
I don't know what I'm going to make yet but I can guarantee you'll like the colours and I promise it won't take me a year!  (Although I may not be as quick as Karen.)
Of course feel free to leave a comment even if you don't want to join in, just don't tell me your favourite colours!

I'll leave you with a photo my husband took of the sunset a couple of nights ago but he didn't realise the flash was on.     (click to enlarge)

Saturday, 1 October 2011

September Photo Scavenger Hunt

The list seemed easy this month, but because I didn't need to get creative I think some of these might be quite boring.

Back to school
This is back in time to school with a sample of my Mum's, my husband's and my school work books.  The blue square is in my Mum's household studies book from 1937 and is a repaired patch on cotton fabric.  At the front is a nature book of mine with pressed plants in.

The football season

What's in your bag?

You can't get much more relaxed than a cat!

I had plenty of opportunities to photograph our harvested fruit and veg but forgot each time, until after they'd been eaten!  These are our pathetic harvest of chestnuts (not conkers).

A pile of things
A pile of stones at the top of Ilkley Moor.

Your workspace

A public telephone box

Something taller than you
Shopping arcade in Leeds' Victoria Quarter built around 1900.


A road sign

A view from above
Looking down on Ilkley.

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