Saturday, 1 October 2011

September Photo Scavenger Hunt

The list seemed easy this month, but because I didn't need to get creative I think some of these might be quite boring.

Back to school
This is back in time to school with a sample of my Mum's, my husband's and my school work books.  The blue square is in my Mum's household studies book from 1937 and is a repaired patch on cotton fabric.  At the front is a nature book of mine with pressed plants in.

The football season

What's in your bag?

You can't get much more relaxed than a cat!

I had plenty of opportunities to photograph our harvested fruit and veg but forgot each time, until after they'd been eaten!  These are our pathetic harvest of chestnuts (not conkers).

A pile of things
A pile of stones at the top of Ilkley Moor.

Your workspace

A public telephone box

Something taller than you
Shopping arcade in Leeds' Victoria Quarter built around 1900.


A road sign

A view from above
Looking down on Ilkley.

You can find other entries for the Scavenger Hunt over on Postcards from the P.P.


  1. Amazing "view from above"...such beautiful countryside. Great entries this month...I really struggled, and gave up on a couple in the end.

  2. Love the amazing roof on the shopping arcade! Not boring photos at all!!

  3. I love your photos. Did you get to eat some of those apples? It would be such a shame for them to go to waste. I love the photo of the shopping arcade in Leeds. It is so ornate, just beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing,
    Anne xx

  4. Love the view of Ilkley and the Leeds shopping arcade. Like Anne I wonder about the apples going to waste but I guess if they stay there they will be food for all sorts of little creatures. I found the school and football categories difficult but found something in the end. Cats have certainly mastered the art of relaxation:)

  5. I don't think any of the photos are boring. My favourite has to be the shopping arcade! I can't wait to see the new list now!

  6. Beautiful shots - love something taller than you - gorgeous!!!

  7. I've just said the same on CGDN's blog, but I have an animal for 'relaxation' too! Wish I were a cat! I love your 'smiling' chestnuts and also the vertical lines in the roadsign one - don't know if you were paying much attention to the composition but I found it really striking :)

  8. Your photos certainly aren't boring - they are lovely.

    Love the back to school one with the old books.

  9. I had the same problem with a lot of the pics this month - the categories seemed easy and it was a case of finding them rather than having to be creative about interpreting what you took the picture of. I sneaked in a few on the very last day.

    Your photos are gorgeous as always. The sight of all those apples has me itching to scoop them up and do some baking though!

  10. Lovely photos! I love the view from above and the something taller than you. Cute cat! They always seem so comfortable on uncomfortable things.

  11. I have workplace envy - my sewing machine gets set up on the dining room table and has to be packed away each time we have sense of humour failure at eating perched at the other end! I'd love a dedicated workspace...
    Really nice mix of photos and not boring at all :-)

  12. ah the leeds shopping arcade;... lovely.... Ilkley looks lovely too!

  13. Great photos, I love your view from above and something taller than you :-)

  14. The arcade in Leeds is beautiful, isn't it? I was there a few months ago .... I recognised it from the first glimpse of your photograph without even reading the label! I thought crispy lettuce too! Great minds and all that ....

  15. They are not boring at all but I know what you maen about not needing to be very creative. I left lots of mine til the last minute as I knew thay could be done at home. Octobers list looks like a challenge!

  16. A lovely kaleidoscope of pictures

  17. Another tidy workspace, I really must get to work on mine. Thought I recognised your shopping centre shot, visited there a few times

  18. Great pics. Love the cat and that shopping arcade looks amazing! I've got shopping on the brain hehe!

  19. I didn't get my veritable act together in order to participate in September and am a little late getting around to see the photos of those who did! I LOVE the photo of "something taller than me"! That is sooooo cool! And your "harvest" me naieve, I have NEVER seen chestnut pods! That one is fascinating to me! I didn't find your works boring at all! They were all great! Annette

  20. the shopping arcade photo is particularly lovely and I really really want to be that cat :-)

  21. THese are so cool. Love the chestnuts, the kitty, the school books and the shopping arcade!

  22. Love those schoolbooks! I remember doing a pressed flower collection like that - those were the days1

    Pomona x