Thursday, 29 September 2011

Patchwork jeans bag

It's an absolute scorcher here today; although at 28 degrees some of my overseas readers will probably think that's quite mild!   We could have done with some weather like this in the Summer.
I took the opportunity to take some outdoors photos of a cross body bag I've been making out of old jeans.  Before anyone asks, they were my husband's (and son's) jeans but I haven't taken them from their wardrobes!  They were old ones I've had on my fabric pile for a while now.
I've decorated it with buttons and beads and the circle is reverse applique using some of the lining fabric.

I really love this fabric I've used for the lining.  It's from an odd pillowcase that my mother in law gave me and the colours are gorgeous.


  1. Love this bag, so cute and the buttons and lining really finish it off, well done you!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  2. That is so clever! The spotty lining looks really pretty, too.

    Pomona x

  3. That is just gorgeous, you are so clever, you constantly astound me with your creativity. x

  4. Great bag!! I love how you recycled your husbands jeans and that button detail!

  5. Love this bag - the buttons trim looks fab! x

  6. WOW, this is an awesome bag. The lining fabric is lovely. I think I want this bag! :)
    Anne xx

  7. Ha ha, lol at the scorcher, we've 30°C and I'm not laughing at you :D
    Great combo of fabrics!
    Have a lovely weekend

    An overseas bloggy friend x

  8. Gorgeous bag! What a great way to upcycle unwanted jeans. It has been unbearably hot here today. I am now ready for a spell of cooler weather, I really do hate to be roasted alive!
    Hope you are having a fab weekend despite the heat. Liz x

  9. Love the bag you made.

    Yes, the weather has been glorious hasn't it - so very hot for September/October! but now we have some rain.

  10. I love your jeans bag :)
    The lining is just right too :)

  11. Another awesome refashion!!! The pillowcase lining co-ordinates perfectly.