Monday, 12 September 2011

North Yorkshire to Derbyshire

This weekend has seen myself and my daughter in North Yorkshire and Derbyshire.
On Saturday we took the train to Knaresborough in North Yorkshire.
It's a lovely town which lies on the River Nidd where you can hire rowing boats for a trip down the river.  (click on photos to enlarge)

This is the old castle
and the view from up here

A famous resident of Knaresborough is Old Mother Shipton who was born in a cave in 1488.  She grew up to become a respected prophetess and soothsayer, although some said she was a witch as she was also very deformed and had a pointed nose and chin which almost met.  The Petrifying Well at Mother Shipton's Cave has been a tourist attraction since 1630, with visitors leaving articles to be hung up under the running water which comes from a lake about a mile underground and is full of minerals which turn them to stone
Those two cup shaped bulges are said to be a gentleman's top hat and a lady's bonnet which were hung up in 1853 and never claimed.
In the museum you can see various items which were left by famous people such as a Stetson from John Wayne, a handbag from Agatha Christie and a shoe from Queen Mary.

It was another lovely (but blustery) day on Sunday and we had planned to go to Manchester until we realised the shop we wanted to visit doesn't open on a Sunday.
Instead we caught the train to Hathersage in the Derbyshire Peak District

and we walked along the river to Grindleford

where a cricket match was just starting - I didn't think cricket was played so late in the year.

We got the train back from Grindleford.  This is the station with it's two platforms, one to Sheffield and the other to Manchester.  The stone bridge is the road to the car park, and to cross from one platform to the other.  Beyond that you can see the opening of Totley tunnel which at three and a half miles is the second longest in the UK and took four years to complete


  1. Nice little trip and lovely photos.

  2. Sometimes its nice just to have a change of plan. Your day out with you daughter to Knaresborough looks just as good. Love the pictures and the little bit of history.

  3. Lovely trip - it all looks so interesting! I am glad that you had a good time.

    Pomona x

  4. bloody hell
    its been 20 years since I went to mother shipton's cave
    what a blast from the past

  5. Thanks for taking us on the trip with you - I certainly enjoyed it, and glad that you did too! Your photos are lovely. cheers Wendy

  6. Really enjoyed the photos and enlarged nearly all of them and had a wonderful visit. The view with the bridge is breath taking, just imagining building such a structure in that time is mind boggling. Thank you so much for having me to visit.

  7. I love both these places. We visit Hathersage often as its our closest Peak District town and so very lovely. 2 great days out. xx

  8. What amazing scenery and stunning pictures. I love that Petrifying well. x

  9. Hi, many thanks for popping by, thankyou for sharing your lovely photos, i love days out with my daughter, although shes almost 17 now, and its all about shopping lol.xx

  10. You managed to make the most of your time, even with that scary and dark sky, well done you!

  11. Absolutely beautiful photos, what a lovely trip. Sorry for not getting back to you sooner, my email is
    Talk soon :D
    Karen Xxxx

  12. Wow, I had never heard of the Petrifying Well, how fascinating! I love North Yorks, I grew up on the border with County Durham. Must take Mr.Lane for a trip down Memory Lane!

    Sarah x

  13. These places look so lovely to visit :o)

    I didn't think they played cricket now either.
    And your witch story sounds cool! It reminds me of the story of Wookey Hole Caves in Cheddar, Somerset. :o)

    have a great weekend Georgia.
    Kindest regards,
    Donna x

  14. Wow, beautiful! The petrifying cave is amazing. I would love to see that one day.

  15. Oh you visited some of my favourite parts of the country! x