Friday, 9 September 2011

Day of contrasts

This morning I was woken up by the Post man bringing a parcel!  I was very lucky to win a giveaway on Daisie Days blog, the contents of which was a complete surprise.  This is what I got; all wrapped up - (click to enlarge)

A lovely sock monkey; isn't she cute?  Handmade notecards, decorated clothes pegs, a zippered pouch, a hair slide decorated with lilac flowers and also buttons!  Such a lot of loveliness.

Later in the day we had 50 sheep delivered who will be staying with us for a while to keep the grass down

Later on, my husband decided to take me on a little jaunt to the scrapyard - oh yes he knows how to show a girl a good time!  He's been gradually filling an old car of our's  with other bits of metal we were throwing out (gradually being years) and thought it was time to weigh it in.
Here is the tractor pushing the car onto the trailer

and for anyone who's never been to a scrapyard, here it is being lifted off at the other end.  I nearly didn't get this photo as the man on the grabber was so quick!

 and onto something more pleasing to the eye, some flowers that are out at the moment 

I first saw Zinnias over on Sweet Birdy Love when it was Winter here and Summer over there, and I thought I would sow some this year.  I'm really pleased with them because each individual flower lasts for ages and ages.  Some of these flowers have been out since July!


  1. Sheeps for cutting grass?! Such a clever idea, please send some over if you think they're too many for you, LOL!
    Lovely Zinnias, only 4/5 flowers in my garden :(
    Happy weekend Georgia!

  2. Ooooh please can we borrow your sheep after they've trimmed your grass? That would be so much fun. x

  3. What a nice prezzie to receive through the post. Our grass is due for another cut. The sheep look as if they're settling in well.

  4. My husband is a keen one for piling his bits for the scrap metal man too. He and I go on lovely outings like yours too LOL You know I just adore looking at Sweet Birdy Love's zinnias and I'm so glad to be looking at yours while we have snow on the mountains here.

  5. Nice gift pack! Got to love those nasturtiums too. I'd like to have some sheep in our backyard (that is, if the backyard looked as green as yours). cheers Wendy

  6. What a great gift pack. I love the sock monkey. ANd I enjoyed the scrapyard photos. That's somewhere I've never been; we've rented a dumpster and had them come pick up the junk, but I haven't been in an actual scrapyard.

    Love the new sheep, and your zinnias are lovely.

  7. Lovely gifts that you've won :o)

    Welcome to your new sheep too :o)
    I love zinnias too, they are so pretty and vibrant! Do you eat your nastursiums? Their supposed to be rather tasty, but by the time I remember to go and taste one, mine are all gone (luckily? lol).

    Thankyou for your kind message on my blog the other day :o)

    Have a great weekend Georgia.
    Kindest regards as always,
    Donna x

  8. The sheep are too cute! great lawnmowers :)

  9. What a fab way to mow the lawn, sheeps! Congrats on winning the giveaway, some lovely gifts x