Thursday, 1 September 2011

August Photo Scavenger Hunt

I found this month's photos quite difficult to find; in fact if I hadn't gone to Scarborough at the weekend I would have been improvising a lot more than I did!

A fountain

A boat

I thought there were no mountains round here and then I came across this little range whilst out on a bike ride

Street food

A picnic

Market day

A festival or funfair


Something bizarre
I couldn't find anything really bizarre so I've gone for this, which we've had for years in different places outside our house.  I don't find it bizarre myself and it looks quite innocuous in the photo but it freaks visitors out, even when they've seen it before.  One eye's glazed over and the other one is missing


A sport
well several water sports

Something ancient

You can find other entries for the scavenger hunt, and the list for September if you fancy joining in, over on Postcards from the P.P. 


  1. I found this months difficult too... In fact I didn't manage two of them. I could dig into chips and mushy peas rigth about now, I haven't had that for years! I gave to agree that the head is scary... something about the eyes... :-)

  2. You did well LBM. I have refrained this month and will maybe try for September. Still chuckling over your 'mountains'. cheers Wendy

  3. Lovely photos, especially the picnic. Might have something to do with it being chocolate! :)
    Anne xx

  4. The list was tricky, wasn't it? Very out and about focused. I only managed it due to going on a few jaunts. September looks much easier!

    I had to scroll very quickly past your bizarre photo. Erk! Things like that really creep me out.

    Bread though - lovely, soothing bread. It looks delicious!

  5. What great pictures! And that head is PLENTY bizarre!

    Is that guacamole? I love avocados. And English chocolate, yum, my favourite.

  6. Great shots! I just love decapitated doll heads...Lol!

  7. I struggled this month, too! Like your interpretation of picnic and mountains. The head is bizarre:)

  8. It looks like you're ready for Halloween all the year round, LOL! Just kidding! If only it could keep unpleasant visitor off, well, I'd love to have one too!
    Mmh, that Cadbury bar is new to me and looks quite interesting! :)
    Have a great weekend Georgia!

  9. Love your ' picnic' , brilliant idea

  10. gosh, you had quite a challenge, I love your picnic too

  11. omg the doll is truly bizzare, am very very sppokey . love the photos

  12. Yum! Mushy peas. And I've not seen a picnic for years - I didn't know they were still around!

  13. THat's pretty funny. ALthough I have seen mushy peas on a plate next to fish and chips here, I have never seen them piled ON the chips. But then, I have never seen guacamole piled on chips either, so I don't know what I was thinking! :)

  14. What is the green stuff in the street food picture?

  15. Thanks for the comment at my blog! Mushy peas - hmm. Not something with which we Yanks are familiar! Are they spicy or just mashed peas? I will have to try them some time.

    I just have ketchup on my chips - very boring!

    Your photos are lovely, by the way - I was so fascinated by the mushy peas, I forgot to tell you that I love your blog and your photos!

  16. Great photos! I really like the bizarre one its creepy.

  17. you did really well!
    love the Picnic!!