Monday, 17 October 2011

Sweet peas, sheep and Pay-it-forward winners

It's the middle of October and I've picked my first bunch of Sweet Peas from the garden!  They were a bit slow getting going; I wonder if I'll get any more before the frosts come?

The visiting sheep we've got have eaten all the grass down in one field so needed moving to the other one.  Other years when we tried to do this it's been a right palaver trying to round them up.  We'd nicely get them together and going towards the gate, when one would decide to break free and they'd all follow and split up and we'd be running about after them like idiots!  
This year I saw the light!
I was walking back from the local shop one day through the field, and they all followed me.  They must have thought I'd got something for them to eat in the bag.  With this in mind we put some apples it a couple of buckets and rattled them and 'Hey presto!' they came running.  Easy peasy

and the three the Pay-it-forward gift winners are.................

Daisie Days

The Patchwork Heart
Mom and Daughter-Crafters-Extraordinaire

I'm working on your gifts right now.


  1. The sheep look so happy, loving their treat! So pleased you found an easy way to move them :o)

  2. Oh your sheep are so cute. x

  3. Those Sweet Peas were definitely worth waiting for, they are gorgeous and I bet the perfume is just heavenly.
    The Sweet Peas in my compost heap are flowering the ones in my garden are a long way off though.............

    Good idea for moving the sheep, they can be very frustrating animals to deal with but appealing to the base instincts certainly did the trick............

    Great photos too.

    Claire :}

  4. What wonderful sheep! they do look like they are having fun.

    Just found your cutie blog, now following!

    :-} Lorraine

  5. The sheep photos are so adorable!

  6. Thank you soooooooooooooo much I am loving my color coordinated gifts you are very very kind and have put a smile on my face :))
    Heather x