Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Fabric finds and a bit of reverse applique

I came across a charity shop today that had lots of baskets full of interesting things to search through.  Sewing odds and ends, knitting patterns, buttons, placemats, magazines and pillowcases to name but a few.  I only ended up buying a few things but it made a change from the usual charity shops, and I really enjoyed the rummage!
I bought this very retro looking tablecloth
I don't know what I'm going to use it for yet, but thought it would be nice to somehow make use of the roundness of it.  Any ideas?  It's quite big at 58" diameter.

I also got these three pillowcases

and these buttons

The fabric underneath the buttons is from a duvet cover and pillowcases I bought in a charity shop last week.

And now on to a bit of sewing
I don't know why it is but tiny holes often appear in my t-shirts at the centre front near the bottom.  After extensive research into what may cause these, I've come to the conclusion that it could be the button on my jeans rubbing against the worktop and the t-shirt.  The only flaw with this is I'm no Domestic Goddess so don't spend an awful lot of time in the kitchen, although it is more than anyone else in the family and they don't have the same problem.
So I took one such garment and did a bit of reverse applique where the holes were.  One flower would have done the job but I also added another, and some leaves.
Try as I may, I couldn't get a full photo showing the correct colour, it's black not grey 

I used flower patterned fabric for the flowers.


  1. Oooh that's really pretty. I have never tried doing that before. Great charity finds too! x

  2. Isn't that strange! What I mean is this is the 3rd time in the past week I have seen a reverse applique project, and I've never seen one actually done before except by me! A bit like buses eh? :o)

    I love your top project, as I get those holes too! I have never worked out what they are either -except blooming annoying!

    I love your finds! Especially those buttons -gorgeous :o)

    Have a great week Georgia.

  3. I'm waiting now to see what you create out of the tablecloth - a pretty circular skirt maybe? LBM those little patterned flowers on your tee shirt are gorgeous. Who would guess they are little patches.

  4. Love your charity shop finds and what you have done with your T shirt is gorgeous.
    Anne xx

  5. the charity shops sounds fab- what great finds. xx

  6. Your teeshirt is brilliant. That table cloth is lovely, so cheery and 1970s. How about a circle skirt? x

  7. I'd be tempted to re-cover a parasol for the garden with the tablecloth, seems to me it would look great in the garden. Love the pillowcases and buttons too. Great idea with the t-shirts, with me it's bleach spots!

  8. Love the reverse applique, what a great way to cover the holes in your T-shirt - I've had similar holes in some of mine and realised it was my belt buckle/prong csausing them. x

  9. I love a good rummage too, pity our charity shops are too posh to have piles of stuff to rummage through. What a good idea for holes, I love the buttons.

  10. I just Love that last pillowcase, what a find! Gorgeous buttons too, you have been lucky! I love the idea with your top, looks fab, I wouldn't have ever thought of doing that. Hope you have a great weekend, Liz x

  11. you are so creative and talented, mah dear!

  12. wow!!! lovely choices... you really are so creative and artistic... hope i could meet you someday.. i enjoyed your blog.. following you now.. hope you could visit my blog too... kissess!!!!


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  13. The applique is a really clever solution - could it be spots of bleach or other cleaning solution? I saw a skirt made from a table cloth in a book called New from Old - that could be a fun thing to do!

    Pomona x