Friday, 20 April 2012

Going, Going....

I don't watch the news on TV, but I was stopped in my tracks as I was walking through the living room and my husband told me to look.  
Thorpe Marsh Power Station was being demolished!    
If you remember from the March photo scavenger hunt, Thorpe Marsh was the landmark from my childhood.  Would you believe that I'd only just written about it, then a couple of days later this happens?
It actually closed down in 1994 and most of the buildings were knocked down leaving the six cooling towers.  They've only demolished one of the cooling towers so far and apparently the villagers nearby were informed it was going to happen but were asked to keep quiet about it because they didn't want any sightseers.  
I took some photos the day after it had been on the the news, before they all disappear because I'll be very sad to see it go (although it may be a drawn out affair as that was a couple of weeks ago and there's still five standing).

From my weather monitoring days at school I think those are cumulonimbus clouds (and the visibility is good)

It was a great day for clouds, these were massive

Even though I love those clouds, this is my very favourite sky


  1. The photos are just beautiful; I particularly like the last one - the threatening sky and the green fields are such a contrast.

  2. Wow, those cloud and sky photos are just gorgeous!! Won't it be strange when the power station is gone?!

  3. Wonder what they will build in place of the towers? I love plain blue skies with a couple of scuttling clouds....means might not have any rain that day!!

  4. Beautiful photos. I love the big sky you all have. NE is lovely, but we don't have your sky.