Thursday, 24 May 2012

Capital days

At the weekend my daughter and I went to Edinburgh, Scotland.  
One of the places we visited there, was Camera Obscura and World of Illusions which is next to the castle.  It was a lovely sunny day so the camera obscura part which dates from 1853, was really clear - 360 degree views of Edinburgh are projected onto a surface in a darkened room by means of mirrors, and a guide gives information on places of interest.  
On the roof are binoculars and telescopes so you can get great views of the city.  

This is looking down the Royal Mile

I didn't get a photo of the castle from up here because there was some dirty great scaffolding in front, where they're putting up seating for the Edinburgh Tattoo, which isn't until August but it takes so long to erect. 
There are information plaques on the roof, and one which I found fascinating was that in the 1700s there were over 52,000 people living in Edinburgh, crammed into tenements.  Some were ten floors high (it might have been 12 but don't quote me).  By contrast there are about 5,000 residents now.  Can you believe that?

We had a great time at Camera Obscura.  There were all sorts of optical illusions, but because I don't like putting my face on here I'm not going to show you!  Especially as one is of my head on a plate!  If you go to their website through the link you'll get the idea.


Yesterday I went to our very own capital, London.
I went with my husband to receive an award from the company he works for, and had to get back quite early, so didn't have much time for sightseeing.
I was keen to see St Pancras Railway Station while we were there though.
My husband took these two photos of the outside when he was there early in the morning last week

I wanted to see the statues inside; this is of John Betjeman

and this is 'The Meeting Place'

I loved the frieze underneath which has fantastic detailing

Isn't it fantastic?


  1. We go to London a lot but never been to St Pancras. It looks lovely so must put that on my list of places to visit. Your photos are excellent. Patricia x

  2. In Singapore a lot of beautiful but old architechture was torn down in the past to make way for modern living. Our new buildings are very bland with no history. I love the pics of London esp the railway station and all the sculptures.

  3. Will have to tell the kids to make sure they visit St Pancras while they are in London......loved your pics of Edinburgh!

  4. Oh WOW! I want to go to St. Pancras train station and Edinburgh!

    I can't believe those population facts!!

    Hope you're all well and happy my dear, and enjoying the sunshine?

    Have a great weekend Georgia.
    Love Donna xx

  5. You gad about! I am itching to get to London but people keep thwarting my plans! St Pancras is now on the list though. xxx

  6. We've been to the camera obscura it's a great place to visit and children love it as well. Brilliant statues they are so detailed.

  7. Thank you for sharing your trip Georgia!

  8. That frieze is something else! Amazing. I was in London AND Edinburgh in 2007. I want to see more of Scotland!

  9. I'm confused - is that the stats for a small part of the city? Or one block or something? Last time I was there, Edinburgh was a city of about half a million, not a village of five thousand...

    I lived in London for years and never looked at St. Pancras... looks like I missed out!