Sunday, 15 July 2012

Take two

We've actually had a day without rain!   Woohoo! 

After weeks of rain, I could have done with a machete to tackle the weeds in our garden.

Here's a few flowers that hadn't been swamped by weeds

A few days after making the baby dress in my last post, I had a niggling feeling it might not be big enough.  It was going to be a surprise but I thought if it's too small it wouldn't be a very good surprise, so I asked my niece to measure her for me.
It was too small, so I've altered the pattern and made another one, using the fabrics in a different way.

Unusually for me I had the first one made in good time but then ended up having to finish off some hand stitching on the second one when we got to their house!  It was very reminiscent of that maxi dress I made for the wedding.  If I've got a deadline for something I'm usually on the last push!


  1. I love the photo of the flower with the bumble bee. They are so fluffy.
    The little dress is so pretty.
    Have a good week,
    Anne xx

  2. Your flowers are lovely, I think they like the rainy weather!

  3. Ha! I know just what you mean about the machete, our weeds and nettles are thriving in the rain and the lack of sunshine - poor old vegetables and flowers are not doing so well. The dress is sweet, gorgeous fabrics.

  4. We have too much rain here too. It's July (hot season) and raining everyday. Very depressing. Yesterday me and hubs stepped out to go for lunch. Within minutes, it started pouring and by the time we reached the train station, it was starting to pond. Same thing happened today. I don't do well in stormy weather. You have interesting looking flowers. In my neighbourhood, it's just ixora.

  5. Nice to see some flowers...are the maroon coloured ones Egyptian Rose? looking forward to spring here, the jonquils have started.

  6. Oh I love that baby dress! I have been looking for a pattern for a dress for my little niece. An easy one mind, as I have little experience! Is this one fairly straight forward, and if so, where did you find it?
    Your flower pictures are gorgeous. The garden looks amazing when the sun shines, but even the bright colours of the flowers fail to cheer me up much on grey days like these!
    Hope you have a lovely week xx

  7. Oh your flower pics are so lovely, and I agree, everything in the garden is growing like mad! Love the baby dress, the 'opposite' fabrics looks great x

  8. Hi there, I'm very new to Blog Land, I've only logged in and nothing else just yet, so sorry I'm not very interesting right now, but watch this space. I've been looking through some of your blogs along with others via my sisters blog and just had to leave a comment for you. I just love what you've done with your vintange skirt. I wish I ad kept some of my relics from the past as thinking about it there were some lovely fabrics I could have used, Harry hindsight is always round the corner!