Monday, 13 August 2012

All is safely gathered in

We've had a nice run of sunny weather to get our hay dry and it's now safely under cover.

I usually hate hay making (you may recall me moaning about it last year), but my son's friends helped again which made it so much easier.  We borrowed an extra trailer this year too which was really low to the ground which made for easier loading.  
My daughter pulled it with the old tractor.  She's only a slip of a thing and of course the tractor hasn't got power steering, but for her first time she made it look easy.

On another note, my childhood landmark, Thorpe Marsh Power station has had more of it's cooling towers demolished and now there are only two.
I hope they leave one standing because I'll miss it when it's gone.


  1. Hey Georgia, many hands make light work, specially when it comes to hay making.........Looks like you had a cloudy day for bringing it in which would be a bit cooler.
    Love the smell of the freshly cut grass.....

    Claire :}

  2. It must be a good feeling when you have that job done.

  3. that looks like a lot of very hard work. I'm glad you got it all in before the rain

  4. I'm glad your hay is safely in, a dirty job - but well worth it!
    Rose H

  5. That looks like hard work! I love the haunting beauty of an industrial landscape, I was devastated when they demolished our cooling towers. x

  6. You've had a good crop of hay. Most of the farmers round here were all busy silaging. How I hate those big tractors careering up and down the road. Little square bales are much more civilised.

  7. Haying is hard work! We've helped our neighbours and boy, let's just say I have a lot of respect for farmers! :) Glad yours is done and you got some decent weather for it.

  8. I love the smell of new mowed hay. If they would put it in a perfume I'd buy it. I think the next best thing is the smell of lemon grass. The native Americans around here, put it under their pillow to insure sweet dreams. When I met my Steve he had a boom-loading business. Because of that, I thought he was a farmer when I started dating him. I grew up thinking that I might just like to marry a farmer, but by the time I realized that he wasn't . . . that "Love Bug" had already bit my heart, LOL.
    In regard to the comment you left on my blog:
    It took me thirty six years of marriage to finally have a special "Out-in-the-open" spot for rags. As long has he had to take a lid off, or hunt for a box in the closet . . . he would just pick up a dish towel. It's a man's thing. Last Sunday he needed a rag and to my delight he went right to the rag bucket. I am hoping that a "good boy" and a little scratch behind the ears and he'll remember how sweet it is to not mess with my dish towels. I know that I have little pet peeves that bother him, too. Like putting away the remote when I dust the family room, LOL. It doesn't belong it the cute little remote carrier I bought him, it belongs right by his side of the couch. Isn't life wonderful . . . we have so many little things come up each day where we can choose to get upset, or laugh it off. I love a good laugh! Here's wishing you the best day ever, Connie :)