Friday, 1 March 2013

February 2013 Photo Scavenger Hunt

I forgot February was such a short month and have been scrabbling round at the last minute to get some of these

There's a combine 'graveyard' on a local farm where there are scores of old combines.   Here's a few red ones that were grouped together


A Kiss

Something Heart Shaped
A 'walking the way to health' figure on a public footpath sign

Something Found Nowhere Else
Every gravestone is going to be unique by it's very nature

I played my trump card last month with the frozen milk which would have been ideal for this, so I'm using these icicles instead

Park Bench

I thought a stained glass window would be nice, but the church was never open when I passed, so decided to take a photo of the leaded glass window instead.  Imagine my surprise when I got up close, and could see through the window to the stained glass one on the other side of the building with the sun shining through (you'll probably have to click on this to see it properly)

Shopping Trolley
I'm clutching at straws a bit here, but before my daughter started to drive she thought this road sign was warning about runaway shopping trolleys (in fact she still insists it looks like that, but I can't see it myself)

A Shadow


A Bus
Parked outside Gainsborough Old Hall

Thanks to Greenthumb from Made with Love for organising the scavenger hunt.  You can see more entries here


  1. What a great group of photos, I really like your frozen and red, the park beach is great also. Greenthumb.

  2. Oh, I'm still struggling to put mine together for Sophie's photo hunt!

  3. Great set of photos I must join in with this this month x

  4. Lovely selection. I like the icicles and the idea of the gravestone. I did click on the window and yes saw the stained glass one.
    Patricia x

  5. Great pictures - the glass one is fabulous and I love the combine graveyard.

  6. Your pictures are brilliant. I love the one of the leaded glass window and the stained glass reflection in it - just beautiful.

  7. Great photos and snap, I've done the same with a headstone! x

  8. You '14' was so unexpected! Great selection!

  9. Great photos - I like the shopping trolley, I can sort of see it!

  10. Great photos- The combine row is cool:)

  11. Great group of photos, well done. I participially like the dippy soldiers and I can see the trolley thinking behind the sign... it's what make this so much fun to see how people interpret the list. Have you started March yet?
    Best wishes,

  12. Great photos, I couldn't help noticing most of your photos feature a lovely blue sky :-)

  13. Love the pics! Look at those sad old combines!

  14. Great photos :-)I love the combines. I wonder what will happen to them in the end. The gravestones is a great idea. I love walking round graveyards (does that make me weird??) They are always so fascinating. I often try and imagine what lives people led from the inscriptions. The egg and soldiers just make me hungry. Not long till lunch!


  15. You've found some brilliant photos on your scavenger hunt. The park bench is an unusual shape. I like the way you have thought outside the box to match up the photos with the description and the window....2 in one!