Sunday, 12 May 2013

Elephant feet in tree and other wonders of nature

While I was out walking the other day I came across a tree which appeared to have a pair of elephant feet hanging from it

I don't know what happened to the rest of the elephant but it reminded me of the joke....

How does an elephant get down from a tree?
It sits on a leaf and waits till autumn!

As I was about to climb over a gate I spotted something moving along the top, which on closer inspection turned out to be a small striped spider carrying a fly

Remember my year in a life of a tree?
Well on 6th May last year the tree looked like this

On the same day this year it looked like this
Spring has been so slow to arrive that the tree is still only in bud.  You'll notice that there's a different crop in the field.  Last year it was barley and this year it's oil seed rape.  The rape is flowering which is normal for this time of year but the plants are about half as high as they should be, and there's bare patches from where the field was stood in water for months earlier in the year.

I saw some some celandines

and cowslips

I think the lambs of these sheep look more like deer

The farm where they live have sheep in various colours


  1. That elephant foot is very strange indeed! Love all your gorgeous photos, it looks like Spring's on the way although it still doesn't feel much like it! x

  2. How does an elephant hide in a cherry tree?
    She paints her toenails red!!


  3. Brilliant photos. the top pic looks like some sort of fungi or a very patient elephant.

  4. Lovely post, you found lots to take photos of. You can't believe the difference in the trees this time last year...although a few more leaves have appeared recently! Xxx

  5. Hey Georgia, great pics, love those cute little lambs.........just gorgeous.
    The fungi on the tree is very interesting indeed.
    Nice to see Spring making it's presence felt ......

    Claire :}

  6. I hope spring is on it's way, I have some seedlings which I need to plant out in the allotment but I'm worried the weather might get cold for them again :(

  7. Lovely photos. That last one is my fav, but they're all wonderful. Love that elephant tree!