Thursday, 5 December 2013


I came upon this sign recently which had me puzzling.

I think it goes without saying that plants are slow moving (a few inches a year is slow in anyone's book) but I wonder what there is about this particular plant to be wary of?

Similarly I think the person in charge of safety for this water filled hole in the ground didn't want to take any chances.  Putting a sign up saying no diving or swimming is in my opinion just asking for people to try it; which is probably why they covered it with a metal grid and put a fence round, just to be on the safe side.  Though why anyone would want to dive into a four foot square hole is beyond me, and what kind of swimming could you do in something so small?

When I saw this sign from the other end of a shop last summer I wondered what they were selling, and why weren't they a bit more discreet!
It also seemed very strange as it was a Homebase DIY store

Closer inspection revealed that it was a section for weed killer.
The 'd' from the end of 'weed' was on a separate panel which presumably should have been displayed next to this one, but in this particular store it was on an adjacent wall and with a doorway in between!


  1. haha, sometimes i wonder if people actually read things again when they put these signs up, and if they do, why they never think "that doesn't make sense!".

  2. Belt, braces and bits of string just to be on the safe side. Love the last pic of Wee corner - hope nobody succumbed.

  3. Really got a chuckle out of the signs you posted :) Hilarious ~ good spotting! I am really curious about that slow moving plant!

  4. Yes I hope nobody made uses of the wee corner.

  5. That wee corner would have my kids in stitches! (Can I mummy, please?)

  6. Haha what funny signs. You should send the wee one to Homebase!

  7. The 'slow moving plant' has got me, can't even come close to figuring out what that may be about!!
    'Wee' corner is a've certainly found some funny ones Georgia.....:)

    Claire x