Monday, 17 January 2011

Double helpings

The other day John said how giving your hens spaghetti was good for egg production, and it looks like the new batch are the longed for girls as we've had eggs from all of them except Rosetta, so I thought I would try them with some.   I think Rosetta is a girl as well by the way as she keeps going off and sitting under some brambles but I can't get into them to see.  

The spaghetti went down a treat -

And here is the second helping coming up, our cat who's name is Spaghetti!

She was a semi feral rescue cat and already had the name when we got her.   She was very shy when she first came and we only got the occasional glimpse of her but after a few months she would let us stroke her and now she's settled right in.


  1. Perhaps the hens think the spaghetti is some sort of gourmet worm.

    I hope you get lots more eggs!

    C x

  2. Thats fascinating, I didn't know that hens ate spaghetti, I'm partial to spaghetti myself, the gluten-free sort of course.

  3. Well you live and learn! I never knew hens liked spaghetti and here's livinmg proof. They are so cute, I want some. xxx

  4. a nice sussex u have there....
    glad your spaghetti worked ( well hopefully!)

  5. I had no idea they enjoyed pasta either!

    Your cat is gorgeous! I love her cute little face.

  6. This is great! I've gotta make my chickens some spaghetti. :) And I love your gorgeous cat.

  7. I love watching the chickens eat spaghetti, its hilarious! I never knew it was good for them though. Does your cat stalk the chickens at all? Ours was always stalking them, but they would only need to turn and flap at her and she would run a mile!

  8. Liz, no she doesn't stalk them, I think she only came across to have her photo taken!
    I was a bit worried when we got the chicks because she hadn't been here when we'd had chicks before so she might have thought they were birds. She soon realised that they were part of the family though.