Monday, 10 January 2011

My blue heaven

If you remember the other week we swapped some cockerels hopefully for hens.  Well Octavia went missing for a quite a while today and when she reappeared I went to see if she had laid an egg.  There was nothing in the nest boxes but I eventually found her nest  in a bag of hay.   There were two eggs so she must laid before, and they were blue! 
We've been keeping hens for years and have only had brown eggs before so it was quite a surprise.

Here are the eggs

and this is the lovely Octavia

Who's a clever girl?


  1. How amazing to have blue eggs, I've never seen that from hens. Octavia is a beauty too.

    xx c

  2. Octavia, you classy bird! How exciting to have blue eggs.

  3. Oh how lovely! We had a bantam who laid blue eggs, they look so pretty! What a lovely suprise and what a very pretty looking chicken.

  4. Oh wow!
    I've never seen blue hens eggs, I've seen blue bantams eggs and duck eggs though....
    Bless her :0)
    Take care,
    Donna x

  5. Ooo! I so want blue eggs. What a pretty hen you have there.

  6. Very Royal I'm sure........that's one classy chick.........very pretty too, Octavia and the blue eggs.
    florrie x

  7. Octavia certainly is one lovely hen.
    I have a hen who lays blue eggs, she's an Aracuana which is a South American breed. The shells are a lovely pale bluish/green and almost match my kitchen tiles which is a bit of a giggle.