Thursday, 11 August 2011

Call this Summer?

It's been very un-Summery round these parts for the past few days.
On one of the odd occasions when the wind calmed down and the sun came out I was able to take this photo of the bees enjoying a teasel flower

I forgot to put these sunflower photos in my last post

There's nothing the hens like more than a dust bath whether it's sunny or not


  1. I bought a bargain teasle for a pound from our local garden centre, It was looking a bit sad and unloved but now it's just starting to come into that lovely purple colour. Love the pictures of your flowers! The weather has been a bit temperamental here too - the wind has made a good job of my sweet peas!

  2. I love your photos they are really good and so clear.

    The weather here in Ireland has been dreadful, keep hoping that summer will arrive.

    Enjoy your weekend whatever it brings!

    ~Fiona @Raindrops & Daisies

  3. Perfect shots, especially the one with the bee!
    I love your red Sunflowers, I think they were also included in my unsuccessful English booty!
    Have a lovely weekend, I hope it will be a sunny one!

  4. Happy flowers and hens! Pick the cobnuts now and store in a paper bag in a dry cool place where they will dry, the husk will shrivel as it dries out, should be good to go in December, ours never make Christmas as we can't resist them!

    Sarah x

  5. Love your Sunflowers, gorgeous colours and the Teasel looks beautiful but nasty looking prickles on the stem. I don't think I've ever seen them over here, would love to grow one, shall have to do a bit of research.

    The first time I ever saw my chooks after a dust bath, lying at odd angles in the sun, I thought they were sick. Took a minute or two to realise they'd just had a dust bath and were enjoying the 'afterglow'. lol........

    Love the video have a great weekend,

    Claire :}

  6. Gorgeous sunflowers. I love the clip of your chooks having a dust bath. They are so funny aren't they!
    Have a great weekend,
    Anne xx

  7. I love teasels - seen masses of them this year. It may not seem like summer but I think it is typical August weather!

  8. I love teasels, ours aren't about yet though. Those sunflowers are beautiful, too. x

  9. I think we HAD the summer in April LBM...

    It's monsoon season now! LOL

  10. We have had very little rain here and my garden has suffered badly - as opposed to the last 3 years when we had nothing but rain - and my garden suffered badly!!! xxxx

  11. You must have extreme patience for your bee photographs. They always start flying off just as I'm ready to take the photo. Most annoying.

    Doesn't your garden look delightfully full of colour? Those sunflowers are such a beautiful shade.

  12. I think there is a feel of autumn in the air this weekend and that makes me a bit sad but then I see late summer flowers like yours and that makes me happy...not as happy as your hens!

  13. Oh, aren't they gorgeous :o)
    I hope they're all getting on ok. And yes, we have very un-summery weather at the moment too.

    Your sunflowers and teasels look so pretty, and I've just seen your black hollyhocks in one of your previous posts, and they are GORGEOUS!!

    Please you're all well.
    Take care.
    Donna xx

  14. Beautiful pics!! The teasel one is my favourite but they are all lovely. And I so enjoy watching hens dustbathe. Yours seem to be having a great time.