Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Take a piece of grass...

I don't know if this is just a regional thing or if everyone knows it, but I would hate any of my readers to go through life without knowing this little ditty.

Actually you nearly didn't get to know it because what seemed like a good idea at the time turned out to be a lot harder to put into practice.  It had to be filmed, but I didn't want to be in it, and neither did my daughter or son.  It was no good asking my husband because he would have just questioned my sanity!  
There was nothing for it but to do it myself.  I hate the sound of my voice on recordings because I sound like a little boy, so I had to lower it (see no. 5 here), but I kept forgetting when I got to the end and we had to keep redoing it.  Then there were the ones that weren't focused properly, the lighting wasn't right, various mishaps with the grass, missing the end etc. - the metaphorical cutting room floor was piled up to the ceiling!
In the end my son refused to do any more so I've had to use this one and I didn't do the voice properly so I sound awful.  
I ran out of suitable grass and had to use some red orache (such a versatile plant!).

So without further ado,  

Wasn't that worth waiting for?
In case you're wondering what it's all about, it's just a silly thing to show to another person (child) with a piece of grass.

Tree in Summer
tree in Winter
bunch of flowers
April showers  
(at which point you throw the seeds at the other person)

It's a lot better in real life - try it!

And if you do all know it already, I apologise for wasting your time!


  1. Ooo that gave me such a giggle! I have never heard of your fabulous little ditty before, and I will endeavor to teach it to my little people!

    ps you don't sound like a little boy at all, and your accent is FABULOUS!

  2. My goodness I forgotten that rhyme - we used to do that on the school field in spring & summer as well as making daisy chains, throwing burdock onto each other's backs to stick on wooly cardigans and holding buttercups under our chins to see if we liked butter! Thanks for the memories, by the way - you have a lovely voice:)

  3. Can't hear your voice from my work computer, so sad!!! I'll try tonight from home :)

  4. I've never heard that little rhyme before. Your voice is lovely. x

  5. Ooh I've never heard that one before. I'll have to try it out on some unsuspecting soul. You've got a really nice voice by the way. I think we all just hate the sound of ourselves!

  6. LBM - that was lovely - you could get a job on Blue Peter :0)

  7. Aren't these rhymes such fun, I wonder if children today still say them.
    It must be a very English rhyme as I have never heard that here in Oz.

    Love Rosie's childhood memories. We used to make daisy chains and "tell the time" with Dandelion flowers by blowing on them..........

    Love the accent too.........

    Claire :}

  8. Well, thank you for all your efforts. This made me smile, I remember doing this when I was younger...

  9. This cracked me up :o)

    There is nothing wrong with your voice! You have a fabylous accent too!
    On answer phones, I'm forty, yet honest to god I sound about 10yrs old! lol

    I taught this ditty to my children many years ago, 'cept I taught them to throw the grasses over each other. tut tut :o)


  10. Well that took me back a fair few years.....made me smile too.

  11. I love your accent! (I know, I know, "What accent?"

  12. Oh you have a lovely voice! And your version is much better than the one I grew up. You ask, "Tree or bush?" and whatever the person answers, you do the opposite (zip up the stalk if it's a bush.) I must memorize this one.

  13. I live in the US I learned it Tree, Bush- strip the grass to the top so the branches are all gathered, spaghetti - hold out the striped stick, confetti, throw the seeds in the air