Friday, 25 February 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

I've received a Stylish Blogger Award from Catherine at chopkins; thanks very much Catherine!

There are four things I need to do -
1.  Thank the person who gave me the award and link back to them
2.  Share seven things about me that you didn't know
3.  Pass the award onto 15 great bloggers
4.  Let those bloggers know they have been awarded

OK, seven things you don't know about me: 

1.  I have a Blue Peter badge which I won for naming some new puppies on the programme.


2.  No matter how tight I make it, I can't wrap a towel around me after getting out of the shower or bath and walk more than a few steps without it coming undone.  

3.  I absolutely love Tesco tinned mackerel in tomato sauce and just eat it straight out of the tin with some brown bread from the local baker's.


4.  I'm in a choir but I can't sing!  Luckily the choir I belong to believes everyone can sing and when I'm with others who can hold a tune, then I do alright.   My family laughed when I said I was joining a choir but they've been to some of our concerts and have been pleasantly surprised.

5.  I used to be a train announcer and when I went for the interview I had to record myself reading part of the script. 
A few years previously my cousin and I had been messing about with a tape recorder and I sounded terrible - like a small boy.  We were doing different voices  and I did one which sounded pretty good so, remembering that, I used it for my interview recording.  Well I got the job, and spent 10 years making my announcements in a false voice!

6.  I'm a blood donor even though I'm very squeamish about needles.   Even the initial pin prick on my finger brings me out in a cold sweat, yet I know it won't hurt.  It's worth it for the tea (well hot chocolate for me) and biscuits at the end.  At the one I go to they have Tuc cheese sandwich biscuits which I hadn't seen for years before I went there and Clubs, yummy!

7.  I'm a complete numpty when it comes to computers.  I started this post days ago and it's taken me hours to link to the bloggers I'm passing the award to, so please go and take a look at their great blogs so my hard work has not been in vain (wipes brow).

...and my nominations are...

I'm a bit short on numbers because I couldn't get some of them to work!  (see number 7)




  1. I've never come across a train announcer before! Brilliant facts, especially the Blue Peter badge. xxx

  2. Brilliant, did you ever get the giggles when you were announcing?????? Thankyou lots for the award :) Have a lovely weekend Jane x x

  3. Congrats on your award, thankyou for thinking of me.............

    Love the 7 interesting things about you, always nice to learn a little bit more about bloggers.

    Have a great weekend,

    Claire :}

  4. Why thank you very much....I think that is great that you were a train announcer. Probably these days, it's done by computers so that makes you very special indeed!

  5. congrats!
    love the blue peter badge!

  6. I'm very impressed you have a Blue Peter Badge, my favourite tv show from my childhood.
    florrie x

  7. Oooh, thank you so much! I will be sure to spread the love asap. ;)

    Loved learning these new things about you. I have to go Google "Blue Peter" award. :)

  8. Okay, I have done my post! Thanks again. :)

  9. Me again! Know what/who Blue Peter is now and I meant to say, I loved the train announcer bit.

  10. Ooh a train announcer? What a fun previous career that is!

  11. Thankyou very much for the nomination! So do I have to do as you have done above? I am a bit computer illiterate! 15 Blogs is a lot too!!
    i would love to be in a choir, its looks so much fun, and I love music!

  12. Hi - just found your blog and loved reading the things about you. I also liked those bags on your previous post. Great idea! Will pop back soon.