Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Not a lot

I don't know where the days have gone but it's over a week since my last post and all I've got to show for it is this brooch I made for my daughter.

It's not very clear on the photo, but it's quilted using random small stitches.

On the hen front I was wrong when I thought they were all laying.   I'm still not sure about Rosetta because she occasionally goes off in the brambles so I've no evidence; and the day I got four eggs, one was on the floor of the shed and I've since realised that it was probably not laid on that day and had been covered over so there were only actually three hens laying.  

But the good news is that today I got four eggs in the nest boxes and two of them were blue!
Can you believe I've now got two blue egg layers!  I'm presuming they were laid by Violet as she is almost identical to Octavia, the other blue egg layer.


  1. I love blue eggs, unfortunately my little Aracuana hasn't laid at all this season. She is getting on a little, but I hope her egg laying days aren't over yet.......
    Sweet little brooch, love the beads. I hope your daughter loved it too.....
    Thanks for popping by,

    Claire :}

  2. Blue eggs?! So much more exciting than normal ones! The hens all look v.happy and settled in judging by those lovely photos.

  3. I love that little brooch and how exciting about blue eggs, I always sigh over them when I see them in the supermarket. xxx

  4. Sometimes time does escape us, the only good thing is Spring/Summer is just around the corner.
    Pretty little brooch, love the random stitching.
    florrie x

  5. Very pretty little brooch, beads and embroidery are a lovely combination. And the hens are as pretty as ever

  6. I love blue eggs ! They are so pretty, and you hardly never, ever see 'em!
    I like your little brooch...I've been quilty sewing too, hopefully i'll get to post before next week. :)

  7. I made my big crochet hook out of a big wood knitting needle! (I blogged about it in the early days on Bizzydays) You can buy big hooks, size Q or 15mm. But I personally found them too big, that's why I made a slightly smaller one myself.
    I think the fabric I used for my bag must have been in total (if you put it all back together) about 2 sides of a double duvet..
    It's really easy to do (might make your hands ache the first few times) just the same as normal crochet, but bigger.
    I LOVE doing it, it's so satisfying, 'specially if you're using special fabrics, or thrifted stuff :)
    If you need to know anything else, just give me shout, but I won't be about from Tuesday-Friday.
    Have a great weekend..
    Donna x
    PS. BEWARE..it's really addictive :0)

  8. Love your little creation! And lucky you, TWO blue-egg layers!!

  9. Hi Just discovered your blog and will follow it.
    We have pet chickens too !
    Sue x