Wednesday, 16 February 2011

I'm still here

I've had a comment asking where I'd got to; well here I am alive and kicking!
I've not had anything to blog about but thought I'd better put in an appearance as it's been so long, and I don't want you to forget me! 

This morning I've been planting out some foxgloves I grew from seed last year.  I've put them at the edges of our little woodland and have made barriers round them with twigs to (hopefully) keep the rabbits off.    This is one lot

                                               click on the photo to enlarge

These old fallen branches are gradually returning to the earth with the moss and grass growing over them.  There are some bluebells just emerging from the ground in front of the snowdrops between the fork of the branch

We've logs in various places for seating - look how the rabbits have been digging little holes in the second photo

And finally a couple of pictures of the hens in the lovely sunshine this morning taking it easy on the garden bench (when they should be in the field).  


  1. Do rabbits eat foxgloves too? the little blighters eat almost anything don't they!!

  2. Yeh, and if they're not eating them they're digging them up!

  3. Those pesky bunnies! We're currently plagued by moles at work :(

    Tee hee - my word verification was CHOMP.

  4. You have a little woodland.......fantastic, I expect you get quite a bit of wildlife including the other half sometimes has a call from a couple of farms by us to go and shoot rabbits, trying to keep the population down, they do so much damage.
    florrie x

  5. Hi I'm glad you're back. My thought was 'bluebells' when I saw your first picture. Although we have a small urban garden (jealous of your wood!) we have bluebells under our beech hedge and foxgloves (self seeded, no ideawhere from) in the flower-beds.

  6. Pleased that alls fine and dandy ;0)
    And we wouldn't forget you!
    Those chickens look so cute...I just wanna pick 'em up and cuddle them!
    Your woodland looks gorgeous. Have you got bluebells all the way through it?
    I sowed some alba foxglove seeds a couple of years ago. Planted 'em out the next year, and they promptly all died. :( LOL.
    Never mind eh?
    Take care x

  7. Look at them run when you take the second photo!
    Bet they thought a treat was coming!

    Sandie xx

  8. Hi, I just added myself as a follower, I live in South Australia and really enjoyed looking over your blog, I love your chooks and land!! I keep Barnavelders,which are quite rare in Australia along with Light Sussex and Isa Browns (ex-battery hens). I can't wait till my little Willow or "Will" starts to lay, I hear they have beautiful brown eggs. I too have a little prob with bunnies, except they are welcome in the garden as they are mine, my husgand built them a castle to live in (literally). thanks again for a lovely blog, Yollie xx

  9. Hi again, isn't it great to be able to start doing little bits in the garden again - I put a few new bulbs in last autumn and they are just starting to show their noses, really looking forward to seeing them blooming. I get so envious of all you out there who have the hens, I used to have a few in an ark but the landlord here will not allow them, I still miss checking them out each day and the wonderful eggs we used to get!! Hope you don't mind me checking in on yours!! Best wishes.

  10. I just love the picture with the chickens on the bench! What a lovely garden you have. I just can't wait for the bluebells, they really are my favourite time of year, just thinking of a carpet of bluebells on a woodland floor makes me so excited! And btw, you are not late with seedlings, its me trying out growing lettuce on the kitchen windowsill. It's been very slow, but hopefully it will provide a bit of greenery before I need the propogator for springtime planting!!

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    I have chosen your blog for a Stylish Blogger Award and you can read all about it at

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