Sunday, 4 August 2013

July 2013 Photo Scavenger Hunt

This is my selection of photos for this month's scavenger hunt organised by greenthumb at Made with love


legs 11 - my husband just home from work

Something very old
I was walking past the church and saw this old bus being used as a wedding 'car'

Something bright
the sky when I went strawberry picking.  These particular rows are finished, so they're not as interesting as strawberry clad ones, but I wanted to get a photo with the bird scarer in

£5 coins

the insides of my computer tower

on the side of an old shipping container

pulley wheels on an old combine

The great outdoors
the strawberry picking place also has fishing lakes.  I was going to have this for my technology pic, thinking that the rods might be some high tech gizmos, but when I asked the fisherman if I could take his photo he started telling me how he fishes with split cane rods which are really old.  Funny because he was quite young (and he was chuffed to bits that I wanted to take his photo). 

on my first aid tin




  1. Those are all great photos. You know that plastic owl? We put them on our dock to scare the seagulls off and when we look out the seagulls are SITTING ON the plastic owls. So much for that. Love all your photos- xo Diana

  2. I love what you did for '11' and your great outdoors picture looks lovely and peaceful. Great set of photos!

  3. Thanks for taking part in this months Scavenger hunt, you have some gret photos. I really like black, something very old and umbrella. Greenthumb

  4. Legs11 made me laugh! Love those old route master buses, I remember jumping on as the bus was moving off!

  5. I love the red bus but my favourites are Numbers and Wheels - both rusty decaying things - don't know what that says about me! x

    1. Numbers and wheels were both taken at the same place. You'd love it there because they have loads of rusty old machines, mainly combines.

  6. What a fabulous selection! The bus is the same as the one we had a trip on recently and it was great. Did you have a problem with your pc to be able to take a photo of the inners? x

  7. Love the old bus as wedding car!!

  8. #11... Creative! Love the wedding bus, what fun! Great collection of photos. Susan

  9. That sheep is so sweet! And I love the biscuit tin with the smiley face!

    Thank for giving me a glimpse of your life across the pond.

  10. Love your photos and I really thought the smiley face and 11 were excellent. I've really missed doing this scavenger hunt but perhaps I'll join in this month, although not much time left. Oh we'll there's always September. Just catching up on my post reading after holidays etc.
    Patricia x

  11. Hello there! I just want ask if you found it difficult to get these photos? You know, you need to keep your eyes open and stay alert when you're on a scavenger hunt. That's because those items on the list might just be around you -- you'll never know. :) The double-decker wedding bus was stunning, by the way. Have a great day!

    Rosalinda Hone @ Riddle Me