Friday, 16 August 2013

Kid's jeans skirts and sheep charming

I've been sewing little girl clothes for my friend to sell at a family fun day.  
The photos haven't come out very well in the electric light so I'll just show you three of the skirts I made from jeans.
I had fun with different finishes.  This one had a frill made from another pair of jeans, edged in floral fabric and finished with ric rac

I made a matching tie belt for this one

These jeans had orange stitching so I chose fabric and buttons to match


The other day I was walking through a field of sheep, when one of them 'baaed' and another 'baaed' back.  I was thinking it was maybe a mother and it's offspring, but then there was another 'baa', and another, until they gradually all joined in and it was 'baa', 'baa', 'baa' all over the field and they began following me.
By the time I was half way across, some were right up behind me

 I quickly tried to take some photos before I was trampled!

 and when I'd climbed over the style, they were even trying to get through after me

They obviously thought I'd got some food - or one did and they all followed like sheep!


  1. Those little jean skirts are just adorable. You did a wonderful job on them. Love that the old saying was proved...about sheep following you. xo Diana

  2. Love the skirts Georgia, so cute, particularly the 2nd one. I'm sure they'll sell well.
    How funny having the sheep follow you, great pics though.

    Claire x

  3. Those little skirts are ver cute.

  4. The little skirts are lovely. Somebody's little girl is going to look beautiful in those. The sheep photo somehow reminded me of 'Old McDonald' - with a baa baa here and a baa baa there .......Brilliant!

  5. Another brilliant makeover, they look great! :) x

  6. Clever you, those skirts are gorgeous. As for the sheep, I think I'd have made a pretty hasty retreat from that field as they seemed to gather momentum!
    Patricia x

  7. That is a great bit of re-cycling. Loving the little jeanie skirts, you've re-modelled them beautifully. The sheepies probably thought you had something very tasty in your pocket!

  8. Love the skirts, and the sheep are so cute!