Sunday, 3 November 2013

October 2013 Photo Scavenger Hunt

I've really struggled with the list this month and only got the last five yesterday.  I'd had (great) ideas of what I wanted to get for some of them, but never came across the things I was looking for.  Sod's law I'll see them all the time now I don't need them!
So this is my selection

Usually in October we've had a frost and the nasturtiums have been killed off, but they're still going strong even now

one plus one

One of a tray of primulas I bought recently

This is a decoration I made for the tree out of a couple of used aluminium cans 

I didn't want to put photos on the internet of any of my family's faces, so I resorted to these book covers

A sculpture on the side of a building in Leeds

Home Made
A spoon I whittled from a bit of branch.  Appropriately It's resting on a dress I made from bark cloth!

Black and White
I think this looks like it could be in a little seaside town with the cobbled road, but it's in the middle of Leeds

Coffee Time
I came upon this coffee shop with just the right name


Weather Cock
Or horse in this case

Fridge Magnet
Not much to look at but the only fridge magnet I've got

You can see what other people have come up with for the scavenger hunt over at Made with love, and there's next month's list if you want to join in.



  1. Your photos are really good. I like your wooden spoon - how long did it take you to carve it?

    1. Thanks! I whittled the spoon whilst I was at a friend's one afternoon, but we were doing other things as well so not sure exactly how long it took. Her friend was there and he chopped the piece of branch down a bit at one end with an axe so that there wasn't such a lot of wood to whittle down for the handle. You may notice my 'design feature' bump on the handle - that was a knot and I couldn't get it any smaller there! He had a knife with a curved blade to scoop out the bowl part.

  2. Enjoyed your photos, very impressed with the spoon you made :) xx

  3. Thanks for taking part in this months Scavenger hunt, I'm so glad your put your photos in. How great is your coffee time photo. I really like your photos of emotion, flight and black and white. Greenthumb.

  4. Great set of photos. I like your take on 2 and also Emotion.

  5. Some great interpretations here. I really like your Mr Men for emotion - very clever. Love your tree decoration and what an interesting black and white building. x

  6. Great set of photos, I can't believe I didn't think of Mr Men for emotions!

  7. What a great idea the Mr Men books was, isn't it interesting to see others interpretations? Your 'Nasties' are lovely.

  8. Nicely done, LBM! I was amazed that you whittled a spoon ~ and then blown away that you have made a dress from bark cloth! Your photos were spot on ~ and I enjoyed the cleverness around your "two" shot!

  9. Clever interpretations and lovely photos. Your take on 2 was very cool:)