Wednesday, 20 November 2013

The early bird

  It's not in my nature to be up with the lark, I'm much more of a night owl; but inspired by Bunny Mummy's post with lovely photos of the morning light, I thought I would check it out for myself.  With sunshine forecast for yesterday it was perfect for me to see what I've been missing.  I suppose being out and about at half seven may be the norm for a lot of people but it took a bit of effort on my part!

I must say I wasn't disappointed....

The long shadows stretched across the frosty fields

In the opposite direction the moon was still up

I loved the patterns on this frozen puddle, but needless to say I couldn't resist breaking the ice on it after I'd taken the photo!

On this part of the footpath the grass was still frosty but the frost on the hedge was thawing in the sunshine

and here the frost on the barbed wire has melted into droplets (if you haven't already, you'll need to click on the photo to see them)

I saw this crab apple tree in someone's garden which was chock-a-block with tiny yellow apples 

The same garden had a tree that had shed these leaves

Further on three roe deer ran across the path.  I only managed to get a pic of the last one as I was too slow getting my camera out

By the time I got to this point I'd been out for two and a half hours so the sun was well and truly up, and it felt really warm just here

There's still a surprising amount of trees that haven't got their autumn colours yet but there were some nice ones in this wood

This has been a very photo heavy post, so well done if you've made it this far, and I hope you enjoyed my early morning walk as much as I did!


  1. Wow- What gorgeous, gorgeous pictures you took. They are beautiful. I really love the one of the ice and, just like a kid, you broke it after you took the picture! xo Diana

  2. I really enjoyed your long walk with all those beautiful photos of autumn leaves, frost, ice and long shadows. Thanks for sharing.
    Anne xx

  3. Stunning photos, nature is amazing isn't it! :) x

  4. Wow, your walk was stunning ! The Autumn colours and the golden light were perfect. I'm so glad you enjoyed it. Two and a half hours was a good jaunt.....hope you weren't too tired for the rest of the day.
    I viewed your photos in the light box to do them justice. Did you know you can display them larger on your blog by clicking on them in " compose" and choosing a bigger size.
    Have a lovely day.
    Jacquie x

  5. As I sit here indoors this morning looking out onto dark, dismal and dreary skies, pouring with rain and no sign of it changing, your beautiful photos have given me the lift I need. Stunning photos which have brightened up my day. It was definitely worth getting up early for although I'm not sure if I'd still be out there 2.5 hours later mind!
    Patricia x

  6. What a beautiful collection of Autumnal photographs. The colours are so vibrant at the moment but the addition of the frost is really like 'the icing on the cake' (although I don't appreciate having to scrape it off my windscreen at 8am!) Lovely post x Jane

  7. I pretended I was on the walk with you, but from the comfort of my armchair. Beautiful photos and the frost on the water is spectacular.

  8. WOw, what a batch of incredibly lovely photos! I am especially drawn to the one of the icy puddle, but they are all great.

  9. Lovely photos - worth going out early for, but like you, I struggle with mornings. I'm a night owl too.