Wednesday, 30 July 2014

July 2014 Photo Scavenger Hunt

Here's my collection for this month's scavenger hunt, with thanks to Greenthumb at Made With Love for organising it.

C is for?
Cycle on a Church
As you probably know, the Tour De France started over here, in Yorkshire this year.   I was in Skipton the day before the start so a few of my photos are from there.

One of our new hens (well definitely a cockerel as it turns out), likes to sit in the bob hole of an evening, surveying his empire.  It was 9pm when I took this at the beginning of the month.

These lock gates stem the flow of water from the canal basin

Well this is the afore mentioned canal basin but I'm classing it as a pool!


I like the raindrops on these Lady's Mantle leaves so much I'm giving you three pics (the last one even has an ant on it)


On the wall

on a friend's farm

In your bag
My daughter wanted to borrow a clutch bag of mine, and when I got it out,there was a ticket for a disco from 1981, a nightclub membership card from 1986 and a few aspros!

Your view of today

a shop window display in Skipton


  1. We were in Yorkshire for the start of the tour. You live in a great part of the country. Love the handbag story.

  2. Thanks for taking part in this months scavenger hunt. I really like your photos of liquid, on the wall, and your view of today. Hope you enjoyed the hunt. Greenthumb

  3. Beautiful photos :) I love Skipton, so your Skipton photos are my favourite. How fantastic is your 1980s bag finds?! An actual 'disco' ticket, rather than a 'club night'! :)

  4. Your interpretation of stem is very clever indeed! I would love to visit Skipton (it features in so many blogs), it looks lovely.

  5. Lovely set of photos, I love the chickens and their chicks, and you finding the disco ticket in your bag..
    Amanda xx

  6. Loving your interpretations this month. Stem was a clever idea. Also love C and dough but your bag was my favourite - it definitely has a story to tell! x

  7. Great pictures. Liquid was magazine worthy and got a chuckle from the bag. Did not look at other's hunts until I posted mine and was surprised at your view of today with the round bales. My in laws do some large squares and mostly little ones. Most gets sold to regulars down the road at the track. We have the hay of champions !

  8. Homemade scones and golden syrup! Yummmmm! Looks like everyone in Yorkshire got into the spirit for the Tour de France. Great photos.

  9. I really enjoyed this collection - I'm amazed you still had those things in you bag 30+ years later, haha! I never own more than two bags and I clean out the one I'm using once a week minimum!! (OCD!). I liked your lever and dough, and 9pm too.

  10. A timely photo of the bicycle on a church...not often seen :) and I guess that feather friend is a 9 o'cock ;) I'd like a taste of those scones once they have been baked, please. Love your lever ~ and the bag story is a great one with history tucked in the pockets. Lovely beadlets on the leaves. Really enjoyed your photos.

  11. Oh these are WONDERFUL!!! I love all the cycle references and the hens and chicks are SO sweet! There is something so beautiful about a family of hens.
    The clutch shot was brilliant! What a blast from the past!
    The texture of the dough shot is brilliant and you and I had the same idea for Liquid!!
    P.S. sorry I am so late in visiting- have been away on holiday with DREADFUL data signal!x

  12. A lovely collection of photos. A clever interpretation for stem. I liked your photos for pool, liquid and your view for the day. I think the hen and chicens are very pretty.