Thursday, 24 July 2014


I'm so sorry for being away so long, and for not keeping up with your blogs too. 

It's my daughter's fault........

She put a drawing game on her Dad's ipad and I became addicted!  Morning, noon and night I've been playing it, to the detriment of everything else - cooking, cleaning, ironing (no not ironing, I do very little of that anyway!), blogging - you get the gist.

Anyway I've managed to get it under control now, or rather my husband has - he keeps hiding the ipad!

So.... I've bought myself a new camera after losing my other one on holiday  (thanks to Greenthumb for mentioning insurance; I take it out and forget what it covers!   In the end, after the excess and depreciation, I would only have got a few pounds towards a new one.  And that would have been too much messing about to claim - I needed some kind of proof of losing it like a police report.  I did go to the police station when I was there to see if it had been handed in, but it hadn't, and the policeman asked me if I wanted to report it and like an idiot I said no!  I didn't see the point, when it wasn't a crime and I was going home that day anyway.  Never thought about insurance!) 
Anyway yesterday I made my new camera a case
 I love this fabric with the little strawberries and flowers.   It's from some that my friend gave me after his mother passed away, and I lined it in a sample that matches the orange flowers

While I was at it, I made a case for my husband's phone out of some old jeans

Now where is that ipad?


  1. Love the cases. I've been busying myself making phone and kindle cases with my scraps of fabric which have been leftover from making dresses!

  2. Great to have you back. Love your strawberries and flowers camera case. When I had my first computer I used to play 'Pack Man' all the time (I'm a sad life :( then I discovered blogging and well, the rest is history ......
    What a shame you lost your camera. The new one takes great pictures though - so not all bad.

  3. Decades ago on those early computers before Windows was born, I played Minesweeper all day until my fingers became cramped and had to walk around with them in a claw-like pose for a while.

  4. I'm glad you have got yourself a new camera, can't wait to see all the photos.