Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Gambolling addiction

They say simple things please simple minds.
Well I don't mind admitting that it amuses me greatly to say that lambs are gambolling.  I just love it because it 'sounds' as though they've sneaked away from their Mums to some secluded corner of the field with a pack of cards and their little stacks of money. 
 Ah, misspent youth...

Mind you this little gang look as though they could get up to some mischief!


The picture quality isn't very good I'm afraid because it was getting towards dusk.  I've been trying to take photos of them gambolling for days but they're usually just basking in the sun.  I was speaking to the farmer this morning and she told me that they have a mad half hour at around sunset so I've been back to get these.                                                                                     

I couldn't get the best one to upload but I'll try it again tomorrow.


  1. What a great idea for your blog! My skills don't quite extend to that but I too love to see the lambs especially when they are a little older and they race around like mad, lunatic 'teenager' lambs. The farmer by my place always seems to plan his lambs to arrive quite late so it will probably be April before I have lambs in the fiels next to me. My dog gets to watch 'lamb tv' then!!

  2. Hey LBM, love lambs they are so cute, particularly the black faced variety.
    A neighbour has some on his property just down the road and they are just the cutest things when little.
    You could spend alot of time watching them gambolling around the paddock on their lanky, newborn legs.

    Claire :)

  3. What a lovely sight! We haven't seen any round here yet, it is always a sure sign of spring when the lambs are in the fields. We have a local farm who hold a lambing fair, which is fantastic. I really can't wait for some nice warm days and some sunshine!!

  4. I loved seeing these videos. How precious those little lmabs are!

  5. Oooo.., thankyou for sharing these! They're so cute, I love 'em :0)

  6. What pretty lambs you have! These are so great. What a nice thing to watch on a cold morning (it's allegedly spring here, but the temps aren't reflecting that.)