Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Who rules the roost?

Even though our cockerel Lotto, keeps the hens together and he's a lot bigger than any of them, he is a complete wuss when it comes to getting any treats thrown down for them.

Nearly every time he bends down to pick up a tasty morsel a hen will run up and snatch it out from under his beak!  Luckily he's the only one who will eat out of my hand so he always gets something

When I let the hens out yesterday one of them hurried off and disappeared behind a roofing sheet that was leaning against the hay shed wall.  I had a look later and found these -

I tested for freshness by putting them in a bowl of water and as they all stayed on the bottom I decided to use some of them in a bit of baking.  I made a bread and butter pudding which I forgot to take a photo of before it had been eaten, and a cherry cake 

and speaking of eggs, today I collected a really big one compared to normal


  1. Lotto is one handsome fellow. What is it about roosters are they too gentlemanly to push in and get treats?
    My rooster was just the same, you could throw something at his feet and he would stand there looking at it and just as he bent down to get it one of the girls would swoop in and gobble it up. He was just too slow.....
    Sadly he died last month, fine at morning feed then two hours later found him dead in the chook house........... We were very sad as I loved hearing him crow in the wee small hours.
    Good the secret stash of eggs were still fresh and useable, that cherry cake looks delish.

    Claire :}

  2. I love how differently coloured the secret stash of eggs are - so pretty! It must make baking that little bit more fun knowing that it's your hens that produced the eggs.

  3. Just found you...oh my dream is to have some chickens...I have always wanted a few...just the thought of a fresh egg to bake with makes my heart happy. Love your sweet blog. xoxoxo

  4. Hi, when I was able to keep hens we used to love finding those extra large eggs, it might be a double yolk and we used to 'fight' over who got it for breakfast!!
    I used to do so much more baking then too, just to get through all those lovely eggs, we always had lots even after giving loads away.
    Ah! memories....

  5. What a handsome chap, Lotto is! xxx

  6. your hens are all so beautiful and so lovely to have all those eggs for baking

  7. Your chickens look so cute:0)
    That was a lovely clutch of eggs you found there!

    Have a great rest of the week :0)

  8. i think i would LOVE to live on a farm and have fresh eggs like that - i'm inspired right now!


    *kiss kiss*
    Erika @ ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  9. Sounds like you had a lovely baking day.......thanks for the kind words you left on my last blog post,
    florrie x

  10. Hey, your roo looks like my roo Errol Flynn.

    And beautiful eggs!

  11. I am trying to talk my husband into getting chickens. I love the idea of baking with fresh eggs too! Maybe this year is the year.......

  12. A lovely collection of eggs! Lotto is a looker!