Thursday, 3 March 2011

Driving me dotty

Here's another sat nav bag I've made with a little red and black dotty car appliqued on the front

The car is made from a cardigan which I had in my head wouldn't unravel as it's only fine, hardly thicker than a t shirt.  Oh how wrong!  I had stuck it down first with some of that fusible stuff (which I got from freecycle) but the edges were still doing their own thing and and I wondered if I'd be able to stitch all the way round without mishap, but I managed it.


  1. Too cute, does the car on the Sat Nav bag have a sat nav.?
    How did we ever get by without Sat Navs?

    Beautiful Autumn morning here, chill int the air, but a glorious, sunny day on the way.

    Claire :}

  2. Can you do map book bags too - not upgraded to sat navs yet, having seen the trouble lorry drivers get into around here because of them - maybe I'll stick to my map!!! :)
    Love the little red car, wouldn't it be great to drive around in a dotty little red car?

  3. The bags you make are so sweet :0)

    Have a good weekend. x

  4. You sew like a pro....Of course you pulled it off! It's very sweet.