Saturday, 4 February 2012

Shrek ears and lamb

Whilst out walking yesterday I noticed an old fence post with what I think is lichen growing on it which looks just like Shrek's ears!
What do you think?

I went back for a photo today before it got covered in the snow that's been forecast and spotted this lamb, which is the first I've seen this year.

When I got back home it did begin to snow and it's now white over, but after all the snow we had last Winter I'm not so excited this time - more wary of how long it will last!


  1. Definitely Shreks' funny is that?....

    I hope that lamby has his Winter woollies on, sounds like he's going to need them and you to Georgia.

    Tshirt and thongs (flip flop type!!) here today.

    Claire :]

  2. I hope it stays for tomorrow so we can go for a walk then I hope it goes for Monday!

  3. How wonderful nature is!!!

    Every time I see lichen growing now I'll think of Shrek ears :) Clever you, the name is wonderful!

    Love the mama lamb and baby. We live in an urban area, but my heart belongs to rural towns and so forth.

    Have a great day!

  4. Yes most definitely Shrek ears! Isn't lichen amazing or just weird sometimes :-)

  5. I love the photograph of the lichen :)
    Sue Xxx

  6. Love the shrek ears lichen! Sending an "awwwwwww" to the little lamb xx

  7. Shrek ears, oh yes!!! Aren't they interesting growing on the tree.
    Stay nice and warm.
    Anne xx

  8. oh they do look like Shrek ears! Wow!

    I'm disappointed that 3 inches of snow landed here yesterday - I wish it came overnight tonight and got me a day of school on Monday, hehe!

    I'm thinking about going out to build a snowman but I'm not sure I can really be bothered!

  9. Wow, it really does look like Shrek's ears. I can't believe something like that grows naturally. x

  10. Love the ears!
    Blimey, that lamb is early - I'm sure the farmer will make sure it's safe and warm though.

  11. The lichen (or whatever it is) is stunningly beautiful, well spotted! Lovely little lamb.

  12. Definitely Shreks ears :o)

    Oh what a cutie little lamb :o)

    I love your bottle cozy for essentials....
    SNOW? snow? you have snow???

    I want snow!!!
    Our 'snow' fell as 'rain' as the weather man said..... LOL...

    Have a lovely week my dear, and wrap up warm whilst snowballing :D


  13. Yep thats Shreks ears alright!

    Have just found your blog, Im now your latest follower!


  14. That lichen is so cool! And I love the sheepies...

  15. Great description of the lichen ~ with a very sweet lambkins. I hope it found a warm spot now that it has snowed!