Monday, 13 February 2012

Getting sidetracked

I was sorting through a large pile of paperwork in an attempt to get more organised, when I came across a Red magazine from last year with this fashion page
The jacket (at a price of £3000!) was decorated with pieces of glass.
"I'll have to try that"  I thought, and decided to make a bag with glass pieces on the front.  Thinking about it a bit more though, I realised that the glass would probably need the edges grinding down or whatever to make them safe, and also it would be heavy.
"What's shiny and lightweight?" I thought.  Then I remembered the tree art I made out of aluminium cans which are dead easy to cut, so would be just the thing.
I only had one empty can though which I thought wouldn't be enough.  
Actually it probably would have been because you get a surprising amount of aluminium from one can when it's opened out, but it was too late, I'd already been sidetracked by this.
So I decided to make a box
I took loads of photos but couldn't get the pattern to show up properly.  I think it could do with a bit more detail but it's too late now.  When I get another can I'm going to make a second one, slightly larger and more ornate and use it as a lid for this one.

Back to the tree art I mentioned at the beginning; last year I added some springs to the tree which I took off a broken mini trampoline.

Whilst looking for cans, I also found a couple of small tinfoil pie dishes in our recycling, and I used them to make flowers which I've added to the springs.  

When I get more raw materials I'll make two more to finish it off.  
Oh, and I might make a bag!

In the meantime, back to the paperwork.  


  1. I can see exactly how easily you could get sidetracked by making this little box, its fab. If I weren't reading your blog at work in my lunch hour...

  2. Everything is beautiful! I can't imagine getting sidetracked when crafting.... ;)

  3. That box is lovely and the springs in the tree are just stunning. x

  4. Hey Georgia, great ideas for upcycling the little box and the flowers. Might have to check out my recycle bin and see what's lurking in the depths.

    Still looks rather chilly over there...

    Claire :}

  5. It's so easy to get side-tracked - I manage it most of the time.

  6. Gosh I get sidetracked all the time, in fact I sometimes feel that half of my life is side tracked. I find finishing anything hard work! Love the tree hangings, so pretty!

  7. I think you've done a fabulous job Georgia!
    And your tree art is so original!!

    And your SNOW!!! Look at all that you had!!
    Yes, I am jealous LOL ;o)

    Havea happy week my dear, and wrap up warm.

    Love Donna xx

  8. Hi, I have awarded you A Versatile Blogger Award for your lovely blog! You don't have to accept if you don't like awards, just know how much I enjoy your posts. If you do, please pop by my blog for further details xxx

  9. Oh, I know that feeling of getting sidetracked by all the different fun and interesting projects tugging at our attention. I love your tree hangings.