Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Variations on a theme

The other day Ilona on Life After Money gave a tutorial to turn a drinks can into a tea light holder.
I made two and joined them together back to back to make this

The drinks cans are so easy to work with so I cut another two, and joined them together one on top of the other to make this flower

Here they are together in the tree (the curly one is top left and you can just see the leaping deer under the bottom branch)

You may not know that St Mark's flies only live for about a week around the 25th April which is St Mark's day (hence their name!).  They are very distinctive as they are very black and their legs dangle down as the fly.  I've found out it's very difficult to photograph flies in flight but I managed to capture a couple here after taking loads of shots

Can you spot them both?  Well three if you count the blurred one that's in the middle.


  1. Those tea light holders are really cool, particularly love the flower shape. It reminds me of a sunflower or a sunburst.

    Tis the weather for hanging them up and dining out I hear, quite warm......

    You must've been quick on the shutter button to capture those flies, nice pic.

    Claire :}

  2. I think I must make the flower shape, it looks lovely hanging in the tree, thank you for that idea.

  3. Oh they're gorgeous! I especially love the first one - so stylish and eye catching.

  4. Did you use the multi shot feature? Now I've found another blog to follow. Wonder why I never have a tidy and spotless house?

  5. Hi Campfire, I had to borrow my daughter's camera which I don't know much about. The flies were above a tree so I zoomed into one place, then just kept taking loads of photos. Just a few had recognisable flies in them.

  6. Wow, you certainly went wild there, aren't they lovely. If I tried that I'd come out with cut up hands and mangled drink cans! Well done you, and yes, I can see the flies!

  7. Now I know what those horrid creepy flies are - they have been flying around my garden, too. And I love the idea of turning one thing into another in the interests of recycling! And thank you for visiting my blog - it is good to discover your blog as well.

    Pomona x

  8. I love the can art!

    I have the EXACT same wind chime!

  9. Yes I can spot all 3 but don't think I have ever seen St Mark's flies for real, I'm not surprised that they were tricky to capture. I love the can art, hanging them in the trees is a stoke of genius

  10. I've seen those St Marks flies..I never heard them called that, so thanks for telling us :o)

    Your can art is fabby! I love what you've done:o)

    Hope Lotto and the girls are doing well?

    Have great break lbm. xxOOxx

  11. I've never heard of these flies...great photos! Nice work capturing them in flight!