Tuesday, 5 April 2011

When is a weed not a weed?

... when you make it into soup. 

Just take some of these:

add an onion and a couple of potatoes and turn them into this:

I thought I'd posh it up with a swirl of cream but I didn't have any so I used milk which as you can see is not quite the same!   
When I first made nettle soup years ago I just used nettles and onion, but it was really strong and I find it tastes better with potato in.

It was my favourite kind of sky this morning when the sun's shining but the sky is steely blue.  I've tried to capture it with this greengage blossom against it but it was much better in real life

The colour of these Dutch hyacinths really shines out in the sunshine


  1. Wow, beautiful greengage blossom, I am envying you the delicious fruit later in the year, yum! Do you make a lot of jam from them?
    Gorgeous Dutch Hyacinths too, I love these, the blue is so deep. I have some in my kitchen at the moment cheering up the windowsill.

  2. Hi Liz,
    It's a very old tree and never has enough to make jam. We just have to make do with eating them as they are!

  3. Beautiful pics love the Greengage blossom against the sky and the blue of the Hyacinths, just gorgeous.
    Spring is such a beautiful month, full of new beginnings.
    Have never tried nettle soup, but have read about it. We don't have any nettles on our property (plenty of other weeds though).
    Last time I came across nettles I ended up itching and scratching for ages, but would definitely like to try the soup, stunning colour.

    Claire :}

  4. I've only seen sting nettles here. I have heard that nettles have a great many healing properties and are very good for the liver and the skin.

  5. Hi, love the look of the soup, such a glorious green. I've only had it as tea. My Nonna makes it to help with fluid retention, like you say quite strong and a little bitter or something. But as soup with spuds, yummy. Will have to try it/ take care, Yollie :)

  6. OOooo..you're so lucky to have that greengage tree/blossom and fruit in your garden :o)
    That soup looks scrummy, the colour is gorgeous. I wouls like to try nettle soup, and will remember about the potatoes...

    Have a great weekend in this gorgeous sunshine.
    Donna x

  7. Wow, we have so many nettles! Now there's an idea. Did you wear gloves to pick them?