Thursday, 21 April 2011

Highs and lows

If you were paying attention earlier in the year you may remember how I'd made twiggy cages to protect some plants from rabbits in our little woodland.  Well here's one that worked for a cowslip

Sadly something that wasn't protected enough from the wildlife were our hens.  While there was no one at home on Monday afternoon a fox came and took three of them and injured the other two and Lotto the cockerel.    Lotto can't lift his head up so I'm wondering if his neck is broken.  He's drinking and feeding if I hold his head while I've got him on my knee though.   They're all still very much in shock, standing huddled up but at least they haven't got any worse so we'll have to see how they go on.

To leave you on a lighter note, some of our apple trees are coming into blossom and look very pretty


  1. Oh I'm so sorry to hear about Lotto and the hens. I do hope he will recover, he is such a handsome fellow. I hope the hens bounce back soon as well, what a traumatic time for all of them.

    Whilst I love the look of foxes and their cute whiskery faces, they do have some nasty ways..........

    How gorgeous is that apple blossom pic with the ladybird. Spring is such a beautiful time of year, enjoy it.......

    Claire :}

  2. Your poor hens! I do hope Lotto makes it, fingers crossed.

    Thanks so much for your comment, hope you have a very Happy Easter,

    Sarah x

  3. Oh that is very sad about your chickens, poor little things. I hope Lotto makes his way through it, I too have my fingers crossed.

  4. I love the look of foxes, but they really are so destructive, and most of the time its not even for food. If they were feeding a starving nest full of cubs, it would seem somehow natures way. But foxes just kill for the fun of it most of the time, as we have found out. We have lost countless chickens to foxes, they have never eaten them, and they also killed our 2 white ducks on the pond, just left them there with their heads bitten off. The only real answer is a fox proof pen, we have ours in a moveable ark most of the time now. Its so sad for you. I do hope your remaining chucks recover, and Lotto pulls through.
    On a brighter nore your apple trees are beautiful. I was thinking I would picture mine today too, the blossom is amazing this year! You have a lovely garden. I would love a piece of woodland. My parents have a huge garden with a lovely big wooded area. We had so much fun there as children! Have a lovely Easter weekend!

  5. Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about Lotto and the hens :(

    I do hope things have improved since you wrote this post...

    I popped in to wish you a Happy Easter....

  6. Oh no, it's so hard to loss our chicken friends! We had a coyote attack in our first year, and I suspect loose dogs the second time. Now the chickens are confined to a run unless we are out with them, but I really miss seeing them wander around the yard. Good thoughts coming for Lotto and the injured girls. :(

    The apple blossoms are so lovely.

  7. Poor hens! Bad Mr Fox - he is so cruel. x

  8. I'm so sorry about your chickens. I do agree that foxes are such handsome fellows and us non-chicken keepers tend to forget their bloodthirsty nature. xxx

  9. sorry to hear about your hens. At least it looks like you'll be getting apples this year. HOpe your cockerel gets better. love Jacs x

  10. Those bad foxes, they just love poultry don't they. I hate the way they seem to kill or injure some just for fun. I hope your little brood has recovered from their shock.