Thursday, 28 April 2011

April Photo Scavenger Hunt

This month I'm joining in with the photo scavenger hunt 

                                            Feel free to join in ...

The monthly list of things to find and other people's interpretations can be found on Postcards from the P.P.

Here are my offerings:

April showers

We haven't had any rain all through April apart from a smattering one night, so I had to cheat and get the hosepipe on this lilac tree!


This is my usual breakfast of Weetabix and orange.  I don't like the Weetabix to be crunchy or the milk to be cold so 20 seconds in the microwave solves both problems and some hot water in the orange warms it up too.

Your camera

A set of keys

An interesting shop name

A cross

A church

St. George's Church in Doncaster, recently renamed Minster Church of St. George.


Something yellow

Fields of oilseed rape

A sculpture

These trees in front of the Mansion House in Doncaster have been likened to brains on sticks by locals.

Something to do with Shakespeare

"A horse, a horse!  My kingdom for a horse!"     (Richard III)

Something to mark St. George's day

The flag of St. George on our local church.


  1. Lovely pictures! April showers is so pretty it should be a greetings card, xxx

  2. Great photos, loooooooove that Lilac, beautiful............

    Had a giggle at the Shakespeare pic, Bobbing for Apple looks like a great store too, wouldn't I love to have a browse in their. Polka dots, owls and bunting.............wonderful.

    You certainly hunted down some lovely photos......

    Claire :}

  3. yes, I had to get the hosepipe out to do April Showers, too.
    love your selection,

  4. Clever Shakespeare entry! So glad you've joined in the fun...I've had the most fun with this and always meet so many nice folks (well, I "meet" their blogs and their blogworld that IS meeting, isn't it??) Like Claire, I'd love to browse around the Bobbing for Apples shop!

  5. Good job. PPP is one of the blogs I follow. That store looks really really interesting:)

  6. Ooh what a pretty pic of the beautiful lilac! I love lilac, I have it everywhere in vases at the moment, it smells so heavenly!
    I am also loving that shop! They have a fab website, so many pretties, a girl could be sorely tempted!!
    Beautiful blue eggs, I miss having them, we always had them as children and then we had them here for a while with our little pekins. You have some lovely pictures, thankyou for sharing them. Have a lovely Bank holiday weekend, heres hoping the sun shines!

  7. great pics, the 'bobbing for apples' shop looks good and I love the brains on sticks, I could do with one of those :) x x x x

  8. Good concept and a great way to encourage people to tackle new subject matter. April showers here would look very autumnal. The Shakespeare one was tricky but I like what you came up with, clever girl.

  9. Great photos! I love the lilac and the shop name. The church looks magnificent and I like the Richard III quote photo:)

  10. I love seeing what people select for their photo scavenger hunt choices. The Shakespeare one is inspired :)

  11. What a clever photo for Shakespeare. I agonised over that one for ages until I suddenly realised I had photos of the Globe! I chose oilseed rape for my something yellow too. I love the brains on sticks!!! That's brilliant.

  12. Wow! Your photos are fabulous!!!! I love the lilac and I'd love to have a wander around in the shop, a very creative name 'Bobbing For Apples'.

  13. Lovely photos !! I like to warm the milk for my breakfast in the winter . Love the look of that shop and the Shakespeare picture :0)
    Jacquie x

  14. What great photos. That shop looks fascinating, and I am loving the lilac. My lilac bushes are only just getting leaf buds!

  15. Hello, I came over via links from Kathy's scavenger page!

    A lovely collection of photos! I tried really hard to find eggs in a nest but was not successful!

    I have added a link to your blog in my list of scavengers - there's a link to it just below my blg header - hope that's ok!

    Looking forward to the new list now!


  16. When I look at the other photos I think ' why didn't I think of that?' I like your Saint George's flag & that Church is huge ! Weird but lovely sculptures & I like your humour for Shakeapeare !

  17. I love all of your photos, especially the lilacs!

  18. I should have listened more about Shakesspeare when I was at school, I could totally have taken a picture of a horse! Or a rose, I saw a few people had done that. All I could think of was Macbeth, and I didn't think covering my hands in blood was a good way forward!

  19. Your photos are beautiful. The sculptures are very interesting, yes, a little bit like a brain. :) The church is magnificant. How did they build those intricate and very tall buildings all those years ago? I like your Shakespeare reference too. Very clever!
    Have a lovely day,

  20. Lovely pics - I have just started doing the Scavenger hunt as well - great fun. And I love the lilac pic!

  21. Your pictures are so lovely! The horse one is a great and the rapeseed one reminds me of spring landscapes here in France.