Friday, 1 April 2011

Hot Legs

I was reminded of the Rod Stewart song 'Hot legs'  when I spotted these in the garden this morning.  A couple of red legged partridges (click to make them bigger)

And speaking of the garden this is the view now down past the same silver birch tree.  I've moved my runner bean trellis further down and am going to use that bottom corner in front of the wall as my veg plot - the white on the ground is some more grill and other bits and bobs to keep the cat off. 

And here is the finished back border.  There used to be a conifer hedge along the wall, hence all the stumps.  At the edge of my new veg bed are a couple of blackcurrant bushes which were already there.  A lot of the existing plants were growing right up to the lawn, and my husband cuts the grass and shows no mercy to anything overhanging so I've dug them up and moved them further back.  I've also divided everything up and have ended up with plenty to fill the border.  In fact I've had 12 carrier bags of surplus plants that I've put on freecycle!


  1. Lovely Partridges, how nice to have them visit your garden.

    You've certainly been busy and someone is going to benefit from all your hard work with some free plant, wonderful.

    Hope you are getting some lovely, fine Spring weather. Enjoy your weekend,

    Claire :)

  2. Lol, I love the stumps, that looks a lot like part of my garden. Our house had a croton hedge, my most hated ornamental plant. The chainsaw took care of them.

    I wouldn't have known a partridge if one flew into my living room, thanks for the photo of them :)


  3. Stumps! a conifer hedge's best look. As I type JTH is cutting down a ceonothus, it must have known it was for the chop because it upped and died a few weeks ago - we are going to leave a long stump and grow a clematis up it.

    How delightful to have partridges just wander into your garden

  4. Your garden so so lovely. The snow finally melted this week in mine -- but it's so brown. Not at all green like yours. Enjoy.

  5. It is going to look glorious!! Can't wait to see the progress! Love the partridges, we don't get these. Every now and again a couple of pelicans fly over. Usually I notice them circling above when I'm hanging out the washing. I need to take my camera with me to snap them next time!! Have a great week, take care, Yollie :L

  6. It's going to look lovely :o)

    Love those partridges, what a good picture.

    Happy Mothers Day to you too. x

  7. What a lovely blog! SO glad I stumbled upon it! I love your photos - especially the partridges. Sadly, we have no partridges in my part of Alaska, but we do have eagles (nice trade off!).

    Visit my blog if you like!

  8. The partridges are SO pretty!