Friday, 8 April 2011

Hitching a ride

Look who nearly ended up being taken for an unexpected ride out 

here's a closer look

My husband had loaded up the pick-up with bags of twigs and old hay and left it on the drive whilst he came in for a drink.  He looked out a bit later and saw Lotto the cockerel pop his head up out of a bag!    He didn't get in the bag in the field so he must have got over the gate and then up onto the pick-up.  I'm surprised he hasn't been out of the field before now.

I've been sorting out another part of the garden.  This is the before picture

and as it is now

I haven't quite finished where those bricks and rubble are piled up on the right that I dug up.  I didn't have enough plants to fill it and when I've looked at the price to buy more I've decided to use annuals this year - hence the piece of fencing to keep the cat off.  
Excuse the wheelie bin - that's my husband's version of a pond filter!  We really must do something with the pond as well.  We had to move it quickly a few years ago and haven't finished it off round the edge yet!  The square resting on the stones is a net to keep herons off.


  1. Wow, isn't Lotto a cheeky thing, just as well you spied him. It would be a shame to lose him, he's such handsome fellow.

    Annuals will be lovely in your 'new' garden bed and great idea using the fence to keep the cat away. They just can't resist freshly dug earth.....

    Hubby must be a bit of an Inspector Gadget finding interesting ways to use everyday things, hehehe........

    Have a great weekend, hope you enjoy some beautiful Spring weather,

    Claire :}

  2. That's a brilliant shot of your cheeky cockrel, he's not phased at all ad looks quite comfy going off for a ride :o) xox

  3. LOL at Lotto!! Funny old rooster! And I LOVE your pond. I dream about a pond. One day when the tiny boy has grown old enough that I can trust him not to jump in at every opportunity!

  4. You nearly lost him, I wonder what he found in the bag that was so interesting?

  5. Looks like you have been busy! Love the escape artist...
    Thanks for checking in on me and the panda quilt.
    Take care.

  6. Your cockerel is gorgeous and what a funny (and charming) sight he is in that bag! I had to laugh! You really did alot of work in the garden...funny how the borders tend to keep spreading out when you've got the gardening bug. Bet it is going to look gorgeous!

  7. That is too funny about Lotto!! I'm glad you noticed him time. And the garden is looking lovely.

  8. Looks like it's all coming together nicely, One step at a time I always say... :)