Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Blue skies for the Olympic Torch

These balloons escaped from the crowds waiting to see the Olympic Torch go through Doncaster today.  Notice that blue sky?  It's been a bit of a rarity just lately and was very welcome, along with the sunshine.
It was a fantastic day with thousands of people gathered especially to watch Ben Parkinson carry the torch.  As a soldier serving in Afghanistan, Ben was severely injured by a land mine in 2006.   He lost both legs, broke his spine and had serious head injuries, and is the most seriously injured soldier to have ever survived.  It's a remarkable achievement for him to have walked those 300 meters with the torch which took him about 25 minutes, and I'm welling up now just thinking about it.

It was hard getting a decent photo but if you google it, the BBC News UK has some great footage if his walk; he really is amazing.

Totally unrelated; since the sun is shining I thought I'd show you a few flowers that are out at the moment

And you know the shirt I refashioned?  The first time I wore it, it looked good in the mirror, but when I looked down it reminded me of a dinner lady's overall with it being gingham, so I've added a bit to it
just a subtle applique.


  1. The Torch is heading our way next Thursday - fingers crossed for blue skies then!

  2. You were lucky, like us in Wales, to have a nice sunny day for The Torch.
    I love your shirt makeovers and am sorely tempted to have a go. Trouble is, I'd probably take months to do it and then make a right hash of it!
    Teresa x

  3. Ben Parkinson was featured on the news tonight. He is an amazing remarkable courageous man. His injuries were horrific. He is a hero in every sense of the word.
    PS love the little appliqué flowers on your gingham top.

  4. I wish I could have been there for the parade, and the blue sky and the lovely flowers!

  5. Seems like England is having celebrations every second week these days! I think it is wonderful for the country and for the Nations psych especially in financially hard economic times. A country is as strong as it's people and your post reminds me of that song, Put On A Happy Face.
    "Grey skies are going to clear up,
    Put on a happy face"

  6. Hey Georgia, the applique looks fab....great idea.

    Glad you finally got some blue sky for the torch run and wonderful to read about Ben........make s your heart fit to burst with pride....what a courageous man.

    Things are looking wonderful in your garden too.......love those gorgeous Poppies.
    Hope the blue skies continue...

    Claire :}

  7. Ben's efforts brought a tear to my eye, what a hero. Thank goodness it stayed dry. The torch reaches us at the weekend. x

  8. For me, watching Ben do his walk, was the most inspirational and emotional part of the whole of the torch procession. What a marvellous man.

  9. Thanks for stopping by my new blog and leaving a comment too! I am nesh most of the time but I'm a Cheshire lass. You are now on my blogs to read list. Off to have a mooch around. Please call back I will be calling to see your blog again too. Have a lovely weekend xxx

  10. It was interesting to see pictures of the torch procession. I have only seen it featured it in only 2 other blogs. It arrives in our area in a few weeks time.