Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Lilac time

This man's shirt was on the bargain rail at a charity shop for 50p.  I bought it ostensibly for my husband, but I knew he wouldn't be man enough to wear lilac, so after getting my Brownie points for thinking of him, it came to me!

I used the Colette Sorbetto pattern again (this is my first rendition of it) but using the existing front opening instead of the pleat at the front.   This time I added sleeves using this pattern.

I thought the sleeves stuck out a bit though so I put a little pleat and button at the bottom

and now it looks like this
what do you think, do they look better narrower?

I changed the buttons to some lilac ones I've got in my stash and as this doesn't have to go over my head I've put a couple of darts in the back to make it more fitted than the other Sorbetto I made.

There was no one at home to take the photos so I used the self timer, and kept forgetting you have to reset it each time, hence I ended up with loads of action shots like this


  1. That's excellent - what a transformation and I think the sleeves look better after narrowing. Well done you
    Patricia x

  2. Brilliant idea to transform it for yourself.

  3. ooh i love the sleeves, definitely look great nipped in ! :)

  4. LBM I think you've done a brilliant job and it looks really chic. I like the pleat and button on the sleeves too.

  5. Oh this is so cute LBM. You are so very resourceful!

  6. There are no end to your talents lovely lady! :o)

    I think this is great! Personally I prefer the pre-nipped in sleeves, but that's just me, as I see from all your other comments, and yourself that you all prefer the nipped in ones! lol But i also think you've done a smashing job on nipping them in, and they are very pretty my dear. :o)

    Hope you have a great week. Take care Georgia.

  7. Hey Georgia well done, the makeover looks great.
    Who would've thought it started out in life as a blokes shirt?...

    Love the sleeves with the pleat and the button. Nice bit of detail....

    CLaire :}

  8. It's brilliant and yes the sleeves look better with the button :0)
    Jacquie x

  9. wow, this is a great sorbetto! and i thik the sleeves are so cute with the button!


  10. Wow - I am working on a Sorbetto from an old button up shirt of my brother's right now - and I thought I was so clever to use the buttons instead of the pleat! :) I have the sleeve pattern but I think that this one will be sleeveless.

  11. I am so impressed! honestly!

  12. Well, what can I say, that new blouse looks great. Very clever.

  13. What a fantastic transformation. It's absolutely gorgeous and perfect on you. x

  14. Hi - came here via "heart shape blog" - shame the choir didnt get permission to sing on the torch route - enjoyed your blog