Monday, 10 September 2012

I didn't even know I wanted one

What is it with the younger generation wanting to buy new things when there's nothing wrong with the old?
My daughter wanted us to get a new computer chair for my and her Dad's computer (not one she uses).  I personally think the one we've got is fine; perhaps a bit on the small side, and not particularly comfortable, but I wasn't thinking about changing it.  
She kept showing me ones she thought would be better but I didn't want to be spending £60 or so on something I didn't really need, and then I saw one on freecycle.   
Now we're talking!

It was a bit worn and had a tear on the back

but nothing a bit of reupholstering couldn't fix.  The fabric I've used is some that was left over from curtains I made in our last house, and you can see it here when I used it for car seat covers.   It wouldn't have been my first choice but it was the only one I had enough of, and I wasn't going to go buying any

I must say it's a lot more comfortable than the old one - I don't know why I didn't think of getting a new one myself  ;)

My daughter has also suggested I do the Couch-to-5K running plan in order to be able to run up the hill I mentioned in my last post.
Running in general doesn't appeal to me at all, but it's a means to and end, and I've completed my first week and hopefully will be on target by mid November.
I prefer walking, which I do on local public footpaths but they can be a bit uneven, so for the running I thought I'd be better on the road because I don't want to go twisting my ankle or something.  Not as interesting as footpaths but the road is quiet so it's not like I'm pounding the city streets!
So instead of walking over fields, this is where I'll be exercising for the next eight or so weeks

 I don't want anyone to see me, so I'm getting up at the crack of dawn.  Well 6:45, but to someone who rarely gets up before 9 it seems like the middle of the night!  It's only three days a week though so I can lie in on the other days.



  1. I'm sure there's no limit to what you can make when you get hold of a sewing machine.......
    The chair makeover looks great, well done...

    All the best with the exercise program too, sounds like a good way to achieve your goal by following the couch to 5k plan.

    Claire :}

  2. If the person who threw that chair away could see the fantastic cover you've made for it - they'd be kicking themselves. Best of luck with running up the hill.

  3. Great chair renovation! Good luck with the hill! Ada :)

  4. That chair looks great after it's refashioning! I agree with Molly, if the previous owner ever sees it she'll want it back! x

  5. What a brilliant idea, it's never even occurred to me to cover the computer chair - it looks fab :) x

  6. I ran once. Had to - the dinner gong went while I was outside. Didn't like it, won't be runnin' again soon.

    Quite misunderstood the term "computer chair". I'd envisaged some sort of steel arrangement with wires and lights and clamps to go over your wrists. Whatever will they think of next?


    Chin chin.

  7. I wish i could be able to revamp my sad office chair!
    Well done you!

  8. Yay for Freecycle! You've done a good job with the made over chair a good bit of re-cycling. I hope your daughter was suitably impressed with it. I will cheer you on from the comfort of my armchair as you do your fitness regime!

  9. You've done a beautiful job on the chair. Good luck with the training program

  10. The chair looks AMAZING! Good luck with the running. :)