Sunday, 16 September 2012

Yorkshire Sculpture Park and a prize

Yesterday was a glorious day, so in the afternoon my daughter and I went to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

With 500 acres, it's a lovely place to walk round with sculptures all over.

This was my favourite which looked like it was made from rock from a distance, but up close it's quite translucent

I don't know why I didn't take more photos but here are a few of the other sculptures


Also yesterday a prize arrived from Canada for coming second in a duck limerick competition over on Knatolee's World blog.
It is 'Katie of the Sonoran Desert' book which is beautifully illustrated by Natalie, plus some hand made cards featuring photos of some of Natalie's animals (pop along to her blog and see some fantastic close up photos).

My limerick was

A big strapping drake did confess
That in secret he liked to crossdress 
He did it at night
Without any light
So his make up was always a mess

I actually submitted loads and loads of entries because I just couldn't stop writing them once I'd started.  The competition ran for quite a while and I was sending them in every day!
Here are a few others of mine

There was a plump duck from Dorset
Who couldn't fit into her corset
She tried breathing in
And trying to be thin
But ended up having to force it 

There once lived a duck with Natalie
Who was not getting on at all happily
He packed up his bags
Said goodbye to the lads
And headed for Greater Napanee

A runner duck and his best mate
Decided to enter a race
They trained together
In all kinds of weather
And finished in joint second place

A duck from Lennox County
Trained to be a Mounty
He was top notch
No mission did botch
And always got his bounty

There was a posh duck named Alice
Who's coop was just like a palace
She had cake stands in tiers
Crystal chandeliers
And drank water from a chalice


  1. Hi Georgia! Congrats on your win! :)
    Thank you for sharing your lovely day out with us!

  2. Oh Georgia, your limericks are such a certainly were on a roll.
    Loved them all.
    Next time I need a little rhyme you're my 'go to' person.
    Congrats on your win......

    Claire :}

  3. Ooh I loved them all. Well done on your prize, you definitely deserved it.
    Patricia x

  4. I love your limericks...thanks for sharing, I've had a good laugh.
    Anne xx

  5. Congratulations on your win. You could publish a book on your limericks - they're brilliant.

    1. I couldn't agree more. WEren't they fabulous?

  6. Cor those sculptures are big, they are great.
    I love your limerick and not suprised it won. You seem to have a hidden poet/limerist within you!

  7. YSP is one of my fave places around here. There is always something new to look at - and the cafe is fab!!! xxxx

  8. Looks like fun!!

    Thank you for thinking of Madi! :)

  9. Looks like fun!!

    Thank you for thinking of Madi! :)

  10. Love the sculpture park! ANd I'm glad you enjoyed your prizes. you and Elaine over at Pear Tree Log wrote so many excellent limericks. Thank you for all the laughs! So clever. :)

  11. Is that at Bretton Hall? My best mate studied there back in the 1980s adn it holds many a fond memory! x

  12. Ha ha :D You've made my day my lovely -specially as I live in Dorset LOL

    Love your photos my dear. But the rabbit/human freaked me out a bit!

    Happy weekend. Take care. xxx

  13. Thanks for a Saturday morning chuckle - these are brilliant. I can see how limerick-writing would be addictive.

    Just popped over from Sweet Birdy Love where I see you won Claire's lucky draw. It's a prize-filled week!