Monday, 3 September 2012

Little challenges

Whilst out walking the other day I came upon this notice on a stile across the footpath

I wasn't sure what to do because it doesn't say 'beware', but a couple of months ago there was a news article about a man who had been trampled by a herd of cows, and of course they're going to be protective of the calves, so I was a bit wary.  
I decided that if the herd was well away from the path I would carry on through the field, but when I got closer I could see they were near the stile, and it was a pretty big bull, so I decided to turn back and take another route
I was quite miffed about it.  Not because it meant I had to walk an extra half mile or so to go round because I need the exercise anyway, but just because I had to go back the way I'd come!   


I've decided to get a bit fitter and I've set myself a little challenge.   I go for a walk most days, but I'm going to up the ante.
I want to do a 'Rocky' and run up this hill
(click to enlarge)

It may not seem very steep or high but it puffs me out just walking up.  

This is the view from the top where it starts to flatten out.  After the foreground it drops away steeply.  The farm buildings you can just see the roofs of in the bottom is where I was standing for the first photo.

I've timed myself walking up, and it took 4 minutes, 35 seconds the first time.       
I want to get faster and eventually run up.  Realistically I'm not going to be able to do this unless I can run on the flat first (which I've never done).   So now when I'm out walking I've started to do occasional bouts of jogging.  Ideally I'm trying to alternate between 2 minutes walking then 30 seconds jogging, but this isn't quite working out yet because if anyone is about I don't want them to see me trying to jog so I keep on walking.  Also it's not helping that I'm wearing walking boots!
I have managed to jog the last little flat bit at the top of the hill and got my time down to 4 minutes 15 seconds.

I may or may not be reporting some time in the future that I've succeeded, but don't hold your breath!


Hands up anyone who knows what's missing from this photo -

The cooling towers of Thorpe Marsh Power Station!  They've all been demolished now.   :(


  1. Oops, I was going to say cows are missing form the pic, but I should've known better as I have been following you for a while Georgia.....

    Well done on your get fit campaign and wise move to back track and avoid a confrontation.......

    Claire :}

  2. It was nice that there was a warning note on the least you could make the decision about whether to enter or not! Good luck with the running.........I decided a long time ago that I don't a good brisk walk it is ....I thought about walking/jogging/walking a few times but jogging just doesn't do it for me so have stuck to walking. I walk with a workmate every day and he has much longer legs than me so sets a pretty brisk pace! Looks like a lovely area to be walking.

  3. Effectively a "Closed" sign on the stile!

    R.I.P. Thorpe Marsh Towers - my late Uncle used to build those things, many moons ago (not single handed, he had blokes working for him!).

  4. I do hate having to turn back on a walk! The footpath here has been closed off. because the farmer doesn't want anyone walking through his farmyard. Although I can understand this, I am pretty miffed that he couldn't have re routed it. Every time we walk down it, we have to turn back at a certain point, grr!
    You are very brave even attempting running! I have to admit to hating it, I always have. At school, they used to have to pull me along with a sort of rubber ring for cross country. Now I have had so many children, running is even worse as every jiggles! No, I think a good brisk walk is as fast as I get, but lots and lots of luck to you, I am deeply impressed!

  5. That looks like a decent sized hill to me! Good luck with your running campaign - I hate exercising in public too so I know what you're going through.

  6. Running downhill may well be the answer? Much easier to build up stamina when gravity works with you.
    I am an 'anti-cows in field' person. I've a couple of really nasty encounters that have left me pretty shaken up. Wouldn't ever consider venturing into a field of cows now.

  7. Walking is so good for you, especially if you increase your speed, you will be as 'fit as a flea' soon, not that I know what a fit flea looks like! Being out in the countryside is good for the soul too! Ada :)

  8. You have reminded me that I desperately need to get fit - I seem to have spent the last few weeks sitting in front of my computer and am in danger of losing the use of my legs I think!

    Very wise about the bull - I would certainly have turned back!

    Pomona x

  9. What a lovely place to get fit. All that beautiful countryside to look at and enjoy. Good luck.
    Anne xx

  10. That's the way to learn to run: alternate running and walking with progressively more running and progressively less walking! Take your time. YOu can do it! I can run for 30 minutes straight now and I'm still amazed, but we just went at it slow and steady starting last last April. You'll be running up that hill in no time.

  11. I like walking but don't enjoy walking up hills. It's good to have a challenge and work towards achieving it. Good luck.
    Sarah x

  12. Very wise move about the bull. Bulls can be terribly dangerous. I have a nephew that was attacked by a bull and spent a few weeks in the hospital. That was thirty five years ago and he still has pain from the injuries. I think that their sign should be red and five times bigger.
    Don't be taking any short cuts, Connie :)